Immune Escape

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What is Immune Escape?

Immune escape (aka viral escape and antigen escape) is the ability of a virus to elude an individual’s immune response.

How does Immune Escape work?

The body’s innate immune system consists of non-specific antibodies which can attack any virus or its variants.

The illustration below explains this:

  • On the left, the “O”s represent innate natural immune response antibodies (what your body does without vaccines).
  • Natural immune antibodies are broad spectrum, meaning that they can adapt to any virus or its variants.
  • The letters on the right (A,F,T,R,L,Y,X) represent different viruses or their variants.
  • Non-specific, natural immunity antibodies, which are wide spectrum, can detect and attack any of one the viruses.
  • Natural (innate) immunity is superior because it can go after any foreign invader.

In the illustration below:

  • The mRNA vaccine causes your body to create highly specific anti-bodies (the “X”s) on the left side.
  • Whenever a virus (“X” on the right side) tries to infiltrate your body (on the left side), the “X” anti-bodies defeat the “X” virus.  This is a vaccine victory.

But here’s where the vaccine falls apart (“immune escape”).

In the illustration below:

  • When a viral variant exists (“Y”) on the right, it can get into your body (left side) and reproduce without resistance because the vaccine was designed to have your body produce “X” antibodies.
  • The virus wins.

But, here’s what makes the mRNA vaccine particularly dangerous…

In the illustration below…

  • Recall your body naturally produces “wide spectrum” antibodies that can naturally handle any virus.
  • The mRNA vaccine produced antibodies (“X” on the left side) out-compete your natural antibodies (“O”s).  They make your natural, highly adaptable antibodies ineffective.
  • So when a different virus (or a variant) appears (“Y”):
    • The mRNA produced “X” antibodies are worthless against the virus “Y”.
    • Worse, the “X” antibodies out-compete the “O” natural immunity antibodies, making your destroying your natural immune system which could have adapted to fight “Y”.
    • So, the virus “Y” gets past the mRNA “X” antibodies AND your natural immune system “O” can’t fight the new virus because it’s been destroyed by the mRNA “X” antibodies.
  • So now you are totally vulnerable to just about any virus or viral variant.

People who have been vaccinated are now significantly more vulnerable than un-vaccinated people.

Del Bigtree explains it in the video here:

The following are from a Harvard University epidemiologist.