Breakthrough Cases

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What is a Breakthrough Case?

When a fully vaccinated person gets re-infected with COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

Breakthroughs Cases Mean the Vaccine is Useless for Variants

That data is basically showing that the vaccines are failing.  Completely vaccinated individuals are passing it to one another.  It’s clear we can’t vaccinate our way out of this.

– Dr. Peter McCullough

CDC is lying about breakthrough cases


  • The rate of breakthrough cases is skyrocketing.
    •  Israel:  80% of adults are fully vaccinated there, yet COVID cases and serious hospitalizations have risen 20-fold since early July. The media has highlighted that most serious new cases have been among the unvaccinated, while neglecting to report that the majority (more than 80 percent) of new cases reported by the Israeli Health Ministry are among vaccinated individuals.
    • United Kingdom:
      • > 76% have received two doses of vaccine
      • ~90% of adults have received at least one dose
      • No. of COVID patients hospitalized has soared 7x since early June 2021.
        • The most recent U.K. report on “variants of concern” revealed that 54% of COVID deaths are among the fully vaccinated.
        • A further 12% of deaths are among the partially vaccinated who have received one dose.  
    • In Iceland, between the dates of 7/9/2021 and 8/5/2021, the majority of infection cases were of vaccinated individuals.
    • Iceland is currently one of the most vaccinated countries on earth.  Roughly 71% of the population has received at least one dose of a vaccine while 52% are fully vaccinated. On Tuesday, the country’s Chief Epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason said that Iceland’s high vaccination rate has not led to herd immunity as experts had hoped.

  • Scientists have long stated that breakthrough cases will occur because of immune escape, which destroys natural immunity.  Natural immunity can negotiate all viruses and their variants.  Immune escape is caused by vaccine induced antibodies which only work on one virus (or variant) while suppressing your natural immune system.  This means that vaccinated people are in greater danger.
  • The vaccine does NOT protect from variants.
  • Studies in various countries (e.g. Israel) indicate mass failures in vaccine success rates against variants.
  • Unvaccinated people (natural immunity) are significantly less likely to get re-infected.
  • Breakthrough cases will only get worse over time because vaccine antibodies are overpowering natural immunity.

Breakthrough Case Deception

  • Also see topic section PCR Testing.
  • For non-vaccinated cases (not a suspected breakthrough case), a PCR cycle setting of 40 (or 45 by WHO standards) is used.
    • This returns a far greater number of “positive” results.
  • But, the CDC changed the PCR cycle criteria only for vaccinated individuals (a suspected breakthrough case).
    • If vaccinated, the CDC considers it a “breakthrough case” only if a PCR setting of ≤28 cycles is used.
      • At ≤28, far less positive results are returned in all cases, compared to the normal 40 cycles.
    • This means that the number of breakthrough cases are under-counted only for vaccinated people because there are two sets of criteria in use.  Therefore, it appears the CDC wants to prove the narrative that vaccines are effective against re-infection by changing the testing criteria to make it appear that way.
  • Meanwhile, Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR technique, said that PCR cannot be used to clinically diagnose an active infection.
  • Even Fauci, in a rare display of honesty, did admit that above 35 cycles, the PCR test returns too many false positives.  So then why is the positive criteria 40 vs ≤28 unless they intend to skew the numbers to prove a narrative?
    • skip ahead to 8:15 in the video below to hear Fauci admit this.

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