The Episode That Put Highwire On The Map — Highwire Episode 139

It was a benchmark episode for #TheHighWire. It took all night for the team to prep what would be this show’s first ‘viral’ episode. Del dismantles comedian John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ episode on Vaccines.  Good general overview of the problem with the pharmaceutical industry, it’s misuse of science, government aided product failure coverups, severe … Read more

CDC Ignores Duty, Sidesteps Science to Take Holiday Break

Visit Source: Retrieved:  2021-07-24 20:37:30 By Jefferey Jaxen Having to admit the link between mRNA-based Covid vaccine and heart inflammation is stronger than previously thought, the The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) set an emergency meeting for Friday. Now, the ‘emergency’ Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) committee has announced that … Read more

The Issues Surrounding An Experimental Covid Shot During Pregnancy?

Visit Source: Retrieved:  2021-07-24 20:37:25 *UPDATE: Dr. Robert Malone has been locked out of his Linked In account **UPDATE: The NEJM Letter to the Editor has been removed from the internet without explanation By Jefferey Jaxen Despite no pregnant women being enrolled in the trials used to obtain an emergency use authorization (Read more

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