Father Whose Son Died From Vaccine-Induced Heart Inflammation Censored By Facebook

nfowars.com September 12th 2021, 12:35 pm Big Tech trying to silence family members who lost loved ones to the COVID injection. Image Credit: Infowars.com Ernest Ramirez, a grieving father who lost his son to the COVID injection, was censored by Facebook over the weekend following his interview with Alex Jones. Ramirez had tried to share … Read more

NY Still Needs to Come Clean on COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths Scandal: Report

Excerpt:  By Petr Svab  August 22, 2021 Updated: August 22, 2021 biggersmaller Print The government of the State of New York still has more explaining to do and heads that should roll regarding the decision to order that nursing homes accept patients with COVID-19 last year, according one of the state’s leading think tanks. The state government still ... Read more

Woman Says Vaccinated Father Who Died From Covid Could Have Suffered Worse If Unvaxxed

Idaho Dr. Ryan Cole, a board-certified dermatopathologist, spoke at a White Coat Summit last month in San Antonio, Texas to inform the public of this phenomenon. “In lab animals, just injecting the spike protein without the body of the virus, the spike induced the same diseased as Covid-19 induced,” he explained. “The same lung disease, the ... Read more

Why Andrew Cuomo Resigned

Excerpt:  The elderly aren’t loyal Democrats; but educated, career women are. By Deion A. Kathawa August 13, 2021 Under the glare of a looming impeachment, precipitated by Attorney General Letitia James’ report of Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment of 11 women, Cuomo transformed before our eyes from beloved Emmy winner to “the best way I can help now is if ... Read more

This Is Why They Are Killing Off Doctors, Microbiologists And Infectious Disease Experts: 2017 Story Warned They Were Working On Bioweapons And ‘Viral Pandemics’

Full Article:  https://allnewspipeline.com/This_Is_Why_They_Are_Killing_Off_Doctors.php     August 4, 2021 This Is Why They Are Killing Off Doctors, Microbiologists And Infectious Disease Experts: 2017 Story Warned They Were Working On Bioweapons And ‘Viral Pandemics’ – The Globalists Systematically ‘Silence’ Whistleblowers Who Know Too Much By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die Over … Read more

Cuomo Gets Away With Nursing Home Murders

Full Article:  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9856903/Governor-Andrew-Cuomo-sexually-harassed-multiple-women.html   Defiant Cuomo REFUSES to step down as he rubbishes AG’s ‘biased’ sex pest report and publishes his ‘truth’ online: Says he’s ‘never touched anyone inappropriately’ because his family member is a sexual abuse ‘survivor’ Cuomo gave a pre-recorded televised address an hour after Letitia James released her bombshell report He says the report … Read more

33-year-old vaccinated New Orleans woman dies of COVID

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/33-year-old-vaccinated-new-orleans-woman-dies-of-covid/ar-AAMCFsk Angelle Mosley couldn’t believe the diagnosis when she learned she had contracted COVID-19. “She said ‘I know I do not have COVID. I still can smell and taste. And I am vaccinated.’ But when she got to the hospital, turns out she had it,” her mother Tara Mosley told WDSU-TV. Three days later, the 33-year-old … Read more

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