SHOCK: Thousands on Twitter Say They ‘Regret’ Getting the Vaccine — ‘Side-Effects Worse than COVID’

Amid reporting on a variety of studies that find a direct causal relationship between an increase in deaths in countries with higher levels of vaccinations, seemingly countless Americans are now expressing regret they ever took the COVID vaccine. Thousands of individuals across social media have come out expressing regret over taking the COVID vaccine. The vaccines have … Read more

Physician ‘Horribly Injured’ After Pfizer Vaccine Pleads With Top U.S. Public Health Officials for Help — and Gets None

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Dr. Danice Hertz said people like her who have been seriously injured by COVID vaccines are being dismissed or ignored, and because health officials won’t research their injuries and potential treatments, they have nowhere to turn. by Megan Redshaw  September 23, 2021 Do you prefer direct links to content? … Read more

Father Whose Son Died From Vaccine-Induced Heart Inflammation Censored By Facebook September 12th 2021, 12:35 pm Big Tech trying to silence family members who lost loved ones to the COVID injection. Image Credit: Ernest Ramirez, a grieving father who lost his son to the COVID injection, was censored by Facebook over the weekend following his interview with Alex Jones. Ramirez had tried to share … Read more

ICU NURSE: “You’re being lied to about COVID.”

Editor-in-Chief of Germany’s Top Newspaper Apologizes For Fear-Driven COVID Coverage

Editor-in-Chief of Germany’s Top Newspaper Apologizes For Fear-Driven COVID Coverage   Says sorry for telling children “that they were going to murder their grandma.” Published 2 days agoon 3 August, 2021 Paul Joseph Watson picture alliance via Getty Images 21 Comments The editor-in-chief of Germany’s top newspaper Bild has apologized for the news outlet’s fear-driven … Read more