Historic 10% Increase in Overall Death Rate in Highly Vaccinated Australia

Government report consistent with U.S. figures By Art Moore Published June 6, 2022 at 7:01pm In Australia, where nearly everyone is vaccinated, the government reported deaths this year were 10% above normal, excluding COVID-19. That alarming statistic in the government’s May 25 report is consistent with figures in the United States spotlighted by insurance industry … Read more

Vaccine Failure: South Africa vs. Portugal: Same Variant, Opposite Outcomes

Ba.5 is a “Variant for Boosted People” South Africa vs. Portugal: Same Variant, Opposite Outcomes Igor Chudov Summary: The BA4/5 sister variants currently dominate two countries: South Africa and Portugal. South Africa is barely vaccinated (only 35% had a vaccine, 5% had a booster), whereas Portugal is 95% vaccinated and 70% boosted. The situations in … Read more

Bill Gates Says Adults Over 50 Will Probably Have to Get Covid Boosters Every 6 Months… Until We Get Better Vaccines

By Cristina Laila Published May 15, 2022 at 10:37pm Why is Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates giving medical advice on national television? Bill Gates this weekend appeared on CNN and told Anderson Cooper’s audience that people over the age of 50 will probably have to get Covid boosters every 6 months until we get a better vaccine. “For people … Read more

Growing share of Covid-19 deaths are among vaccinated people, but booster shots substantially lower the risk

By Deidre McPhillips, CNN Updated 7:58 AM ET, Wed May 11, 2022 (CNN)Since Covid-19 vaccines became widely available, there has been a wide gap in deaths between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. But recent Covid deaths are much more evenly split as highly transmissible variants take hold, vaccine protection wanes and booster uptake stagnates. Breakthrough infections … Read more

Buried Bombshell: New Israeli Study Shows Massive Spike in Heart Attacks Among the Young and Jabbed

It’s funny how there’s so much information coming out against the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, but there’s always another bombshell on other topics that keep the jab narrative going. by JD RUCKER  May 9, 2022 in Opinions, The Midnight Sentinel Reading Time: 10 mins read Stop me if you’ve heard this one. An international peer-reviewed study was just … Read more

Pfizer fraud? Or just amazing execution?

Check out this Twitter thread from Jikkyleaks. If this is fraud, Pfizer is liable for all deaths and injuries their vaccine caused. Woo hoo. Steve Kirsch   Summary The Pfizer documents just released show evidence of clinical trial enrollment that seems to be amazingly fast. Is it fraud or just brilliant execution? We need more … Read more

Study of 23 Million People Shows Risk of Myocarditis After COVID Vaccines

On Monday’s episode of “The Jimmy Dore Show,” comedian and commentator Jimmy Dore said a study showing an increased risk of heart problems in young men following COVID-19 vaccines highlights how a safety risk once labeled “misinformation” becomes news that can no longer be dismissed. video:  Vaccine Study Of 23 Million Shows Risk Of Heart Problems … Read more

Vaccine Study Of 23 Million Shows Risk Of Heart Problems From Moderna Or Pfizer Jab

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How COVID Vaccines Can Cause Blood Clots and Spikes in Deaths

On February 2021, the Doctors for COVID Ethics sent a letter to the European Medicines Agency, listing several urgent questions about vaccine safety. STORY AT-A-GLANCE Doctors for COVID Ethics have been warning about the potential for gene-based COVID-19 “vaccines” to cause blood clots, cerebral vein thrombosis and sudden death SARS-CoV-2 spike protein binds to the … Read more

Foreign research finds Pfizer, Moderna COVID vaccines don’t reduce all-cause mortality

Vaccine experts worry U.S. policy is headed toward annual COVID booster recommendation without data. Dozens ask FDA to consider more than short-lived antibody response in COVID vaccine trials. The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna showed no reduction in all-cause mortality in randomized controlled trials (RCTs), according to a new paper by researchers … Read more