Mass Vaccinations

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Americans are going to bear the brunt of what invariably is going to be a failed mass vaccination program that will go down as one of the most deadly, one of the most injurious and costly in human history.

None of this makes sense in terms of the program being about COVID-19; it almost seems like it’s about submissiveness, or coercion, or control. The population is basically being forced into mass vaccination.

Dr. Peter McCullough

  • Israel was the first country to mass vaccinate its population under an agreement with Pfizer to exchange vaccine supply for public health data in an experiment on the people “to evaluate whether herd immunity protection is observed during the Product vaccination program rollout.”
  • 80% of adults are fully vaccinated there, yet COVID cases and serious hospitalizations have risen 20-fold since early July.
    • The media has highlighted that most serious new cases have been among the unvaccinated, while neglecting to report that the majority (more than 80 percent) of new cases reported by the Israeli Health Ministry are among vaccinated individuals.   
mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Caused More Deaths Than Saved: Study

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Child Vaccinations

  • Most young people face an “extremely low” risk of illness and death from Covid-19 and have no need to shield from the virus, according to researchers behind a large U.K. study.
  • The analysis, which its authors say is the most comprehensive on the topic to date, backs up clinical reports that show children and teens are less likely to be hospitalized or face severe effects from the virus. Covid-19 does increase the chance of serious illness in the most vulnerable children — those with complex disabilities and severe existing medical conditions — but even in those cases the risks are smaller compared with adults.
  • Though the data only measure the period up to February, the situation hasn’t changed recently with the proliferation of the delta variant, Whittaker said.

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