Republicans question politics behind Biden decision to ration COVID treatment

Susan Ferrechio September 15, 2021 Republican governors are slamming the Biden administration following an announcement it would restrict the distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments, one of the only medically sanctioned remedies for those who have contracted COVID-19. The move has also earned criticism from red-state medical officials who fear it will further overwhelm hospitals dealing … Read more

White House Attempts to Justify Withholding Monoclonal Antibody Treatments From Florida and Red States

  September 16, 2021 | Sundance | 242 Comments If the political parties were reversed, the entire White House press corps would be having apoplectic fits about the White House withholding COVID-19 treatments from New York or California, with endless articles written about how Donald Trump was intentionally politicizing healthcare and purposefully killing his political opposition.  Seriously, not an … Read more

Florida COVID trends continue in promising direction

Source Link: 527336499-Florida-COVID-19-Data-9-24-21 Excerpt:  7,753 COVID cases, 11 more deaths reported Friday FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Key COVID-19 metrics in Florida remain on a downward trend, with the state reporting a fourth consecutive week with fewer new cases than the one prior. The state says there were 56,325 new COVID cases from Sept. 17-23, the ... Read more

Florida vaccine passport ban goes into effect next week. Businesses that violate it will be fined $5k

Source Link: Excerpt:  ‘Vaccine passports reduce individual freedom and harm patient privacy,’ a spokeswoman for Gov. DeSantis told LifeSiteNews. ‘Allowing businesses and educational institutions to require vaccine passports as a condition of entry or service would entrench an unfair, two-tiered society.’ Wed Sep 8, 2021 - 12:55 pm EDT FLORIDA (LifeSiteNews) – Florida residents ... Read more

For The First Time, A US State Will Require Disclosure Of PCR ‘Cycle Threshold’ Data In COVID Tests

Read original article: For the first time in the history of the pandemic, a state will require that all labs in the state report the critical “cycle threshold” level of every COVID-19 test they perform. All positive, negative and indeterminate COVID-19 laboratory results must be reported to FDOH via electronic laboratory reporting or by fax immediately. This … Read more