Pilot (48) Dies Suddenly Just 15 Minutes After Takeoff, 171 Passenger Onboard (July, 2022)

“He is survived by his wife and two children.” BY RED VOICE MEDIA NOVEMBER 14, 2022 “When our medical staff arrived at the plane, the pilot’s pulse was not palpable.”  

A newly hired American Airlines regional jet pilot collapsed just after takeoff in Chicago on Saturday night

He could not be revived. Cause of death unknown; American will not disclose any details, including his vaccination status. The co-pilot took over and averted catastrophe. Alex Berenson Nov 22 At 7:59 p.m. on Sat., Nov. 19, Captain Patrick Ford collapsed at the controls of his American Eagle Embraer 175 – only seconds after the … Read more

Air Force Lieutenant John Bowes: Hundreds Of American Pilots Stand To Be Discharged Solely Based Off Their COVID-19 Vaccination Status


Vaccine-Injured Pilots Scared to Come Forward…

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Military Doctor Testifies under Oath That She Was ORDERED To ‘Cover up’ Vaccine Injuries through Biden Admin Directive

JULY 24, 2022 Dr. Theresa Long, medical officer with the United States military, has testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress Covid-19 vaccine injuries following the Biden regime’s mandate. Dr. Long also testified that the data is showing that deaths of military members from the vaccines exceed deaths from COVID-19Read more

An objective analysis of commercial airline pilot deaths as reported in the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) magazine since 2019

Part One Dr. Kevin Stillwagon Jul 5, 2022 Commercial Airline pilots are a good subset of people to look for a signal that the rollout of the Covid-19 shot may have resulted in people dying younger than they did prior to the unlawful mandate of the shot. These pilots are generally healthier and more physically … Read more

American Airlines Pilot Suffers Severe Cardiac Arrest 6 Minutes After Landing Plane, Blames COVID Vaccine

By Debra Heine April 20, 2022 An American Airlines pilot recently suffered a severe cardiac arrest six minutes after landing a plane at Dallas-Fort Worth, narrowly avoiding a catastrophe for everyone onboard. Captain Robert Snow was reportedly still in the cockpit of Airbus 321 carrying 200 people on April 9, when his heart stopped. From his … Read more

Christine Anderson (European Parliament): Serious Vaccine Adverse Events Endangering Airline Passengers Across Europe

Source Link: https://rumble.com/v1bb4dp-christine-anderson-serious-vaccine-adverse-events-endangering-passengers-ac.html

Military doctors can’t trust DOD medical database after COVID vax injuries scrubbed: whistleblower

Green Beret Peter Chambers has been giving vaccine-injury cases directly to Sen. Ron Johnson to aid Wisconsin Republican’s efforts against military vaccine mandate. A group of military doctors alarmed by reported spikes in service members’ miscarriages, myocarditis, cancer and other serious issues in the first year of COVID-19 vaccine availability no longer trust the military’s medical … Read more

More Vaccine-Injured Pilots Speak Out as Groups Pressure Airlines, Regulators to End Mandates

by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D. | Children’s Health Defense June 20th 2022, 12:11 pm Sharp chest pains. Myocarditis and pericarditis. Heart attacks. Strokes and subsequent blindness. These are just some of the many COVID-19 vaccine-related adverse events reported by commercial airline pilots and by a growing number of advocacy groups representing aviation industry workers. According to these individuals and … Read more