Dr. James Thorp: Global Covid “Vaccine” Push Is the Greatest Violation of Medical Ethics in History

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Dr. Robert Malone joins Tucker to discuss the Project Veritas video exposing Pfizer

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Democrat Megadonor Tells Fox ‘Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Have Been Killed by’ COVID-19 Vaccines

by Kelen McBreen August 11th 2022, 11:18 am Tech millionaire and longtime Democrat donor Steve Kirsch told Fox News on Wednesday night he’s fed up with the party and blames the American political establishment for killing “hundreds of thousands” of citizens with experimental Covid jabs. Kirsch joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” guest-hosted by Brian Kilmeade, where he explained he’s “jumping … Read more

2021-09-24-Biden wants to vaccinate everyone with boosters

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Hospital in McAllen overwhelmed with COVID-positive migrants

Excerpt:  By Jenny Goldsberry Dr. Marc Siegel uncovered the story of the McAllen Hospital in Texas that is overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. But the majority of their patients aren’t locals, they are migrants who just crossed the border. Now, Dr. Ivonne Lopez-Lopez of the hospital says the surge is due to the unvaccinated patients. Nearly all of their patients are unvaccinated. ... Read more

Ireland Refuses to Mandate Masks in Schools: ‘It Is Child Abuse’ (Video)

https://rumble.com/embed/vijm8j/?pub=5zpyl Excerpt:  Amy Mek August 14, 2021 Add comment 2 min read Tucker Carlson praised the Irish government for refusing to “blindly” follow mask advice from self-proclaimed health experts in the United States and instead commission their own scientific research. The Irish government has declared they will not force elementary school children to wear face ... Read more