Japanese Researchers Sue the Government for Hiding That VACCINATED Have a 4x Higher Rate of Getting COVID-19

Source Link: https://rumble.com/v28ho1m-japanese-professor-sues-the-government-for-hiding-inconvenient-truths-about.html

New studies find Omicron COVID boosters no better than original, contradicting feds’ messaging

Researchers suspect “immune imprinting” is responsible. Less than two months after the FDA used mouse data to give emergency use authorization to bivalent COVID-19 boosters, the real-world performance of the shots that target the ancestral strain and Omicron BA.4/5 subvariants is undermining the feds’ one-size-fits-all messaging. New preprint studies by researchers at Columbia University and Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center, … Read more

New Covid-19 “Vaccines” Will Be Designed for “Immune Imprinting,” Leading to More Jabbed People Getting Sick and Dying

Medical technology is being used by the globalist elites to promote their depopulation agenda. This is quickly turning from being a “conspiracy theory” to being demonstrable reality. by Arsenio Toledo  July 16, 2022 The next batch of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines developed by Big Pharma companies will be perfectly designed to drive “immune imprinting,” leading to more … Read more

WSJ: Pfizer Trial Found Vaxxed Toddlers ‘Were More Likely to Get Severely Ill With Covid’

Chris Menahan InformationLiberation Jul. 05, 2022 The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that toddlers vaccinated during Pfizer’s trial were “more likely to get severely ill with Covid than those who received a placebo” and “most kids who developed multiple infections during the trial were vaccinated.” From WSJ, “Why the Rush for Toddler Vaccines?”: “This is a … Read more

Fifth COVID-19 Vaccine Shot May Be Needed In Fall: FDA Official

BY TYLER DURDEN WEDNESDAY, MAR 30, 2022 – 08:40 PM Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Hours after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized a fourth shot of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for all Americans 50 and older, an FDA official said a fifth shot may be needed in the fall. … Read more

Immune Imprinting, Comirnaty and Omicron (part 1) More details emerge on why the mRNA vaccines are not preventing Omicron infection

More details emerge on why the mRNA vaccines are not preventing Omicron infection Robert W Malone MD, MS Jun 23 I must be confused. Please remind me, why is there unanimous agreement by the empaneled expert vaccine thought leaders who provide independent oversight of the FDA and CDC review process for SARS-CoV-2 vaccination, that very […]