The Australian government has finally dumped its controversial ‘CovidSafe’ contact tracing phone app

The Australian government has finally dumped its controversial ‘CovidSafe’ contact tracing phone app which cost Aussie taxpayers millions. — Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) August 10, 2022 Federal Government decommissions $21 million COVIDSafe app as health authorities retreat from contact tracing virus Health Minister Mark Butler has moved to scrap the “wasteful and ineffective” COVIDSafe app introduced … Read more

Data-grabbing biometric health monitoring is starting to make its way into cars

Massive data monitoring. By Didi Rankovic Posted 11:28 am “Smart cars” – whether or not connected to the internet – are already harvesting massive amounts of data not only regarding locations and movements of vehicles but also from drivers themselves. Many are starting to see this as a concerning trend in the way it impacts security both … Read more

House Republicans Demand Answers From CDC Over Reports It Tracked Location Data From Millions Of Americans During COVID-19 Pandemic

HENRY RODGERSSENIOR CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT May 11, 20221:12 PM ET Republican Georgia Rep. Jody Hice sent a letter Tuesday to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demanding answers over reports the government agency tracked the location data from millions of Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Daily Caller first obtained the letter spearheaded by … Read more

State medical boards urge punishment, reeducation for doctors spreading COVID ‘misinformation’

Cosponsor of U.S. Medical Licensing Examination arguably promotes outdated view of mask efficacy, and new study of CO2 concentration in masks may further erode its position. State medical boards wary of micromanaging what doctors can say about COVID-19 — from the utility of masks to treatments such as ivermectin — now have to contend with … Read more

Really Big Brother: WHO Pandemic Treaty Readies Global Vaccine Passport System

THE BIDEN ADMIN IS LOOKING TO SELL OUT AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY IN THE NAME OF HEALTH. POSTED BY THE DRILLDOWN STAFF   |   MAY 25, 2022 This will make three years under Fauci seem like small potatoes… In the biggest story few are talking about, the World Health Organization has announced plans for an international pandemic treaty … Read more

Facebook Is Hoarding Sensitive Medical Information: Report

Autumn Johnson June 18th, 2022 8:04 PM A new report suggested Facebook received sensitive medical information from hospital websites. The Markup tested 100 hospital websites and on 33 of them discovered a tracking tool called “Meta Pixel” that collected patients’ sensitive health information, including medical conditions, prescriptions, and medical appointments: “Clicking the ‘Schedule Online Now’ button for … Read more

World Economic Forum ‘Press Freedom’ Panel Calls for Algorithmic Suppression of Hate Speech, Rumours

KURT ZINDULKA 27 May 2022 Rumours, falsehoods, division, and hate speech should be suppressed by social media algorithms, according to a “freedom of the press” panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday. The WEF panel, which was held in collaboration with Time magazine, featured the head of Soros-backed Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, who argued that … Read more

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Tells World Economic Forum Crowd About New Microchipped Pills: ‘Imagine The Compliance’

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Pfizer CEO Announces Trackable Chip in Pills to Bring the New World Order’s Dreams to Fruition

By J.D. Rucker • May. 20, 2022 Imagine pills that send signals to your pharmaceutical overlords so they know you’re actually taking their drugs and not faking it. Staying compliant is, after all, a requirement to live in the near-future dystopian society the New World Order has planned. They cannot have people walking around who haven’t ingested their … Read more

Biden Seeks New Unilateral Powers for WHO Chief to Declare Public Health Emergencies

By Mark Tapscott Mark Tapscott Congressional Correspondent Congressional Correspondent for The Epoch Times. View profile Follow May 17, 2022 Updated: May 19, 2022 President Joe Biden’s administration is pushing amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) governing regulations to give Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus unilateral authority to declare a public health emergency in any nation based … Read more