New Antibody Studies on Natural Immunity Versus ‘Vaxxed’ Defy the Current Draconian Agenda

Source Link: Excerpt:  By J.D. Rucker • Oct. 3, 2021 The push by vaxx-nannies in and our of government in the United States is not following the science, according to results from two different studies coincidentally covered today by our friends at The Epoch Times. It does not appear the news releases were coordinated, nor were the ... Read more

EU finds J&J COVID shot possibly linked to another rare clotting condition

Source Link: Excerpt:  Oct 1 (Reuters) - The European Union's drug regulator on Friday identified a possible link between rare cases of blood clotting in deep veins with Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ.N) COVID-19 vaccine and recommended the condition be listed as a side-effect of the shot. The European Medicines Agency also recommended that immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), ... Read more

White House pushes US airlines to mandate vaccines for staff by December 8

Source Link: Excerpt:  The Biden administration mandates all federal contractors require vaccines for their employees ahead of December 8, 2021. Angelo IsidorouVancouver, British Columbia October 2, 2021 6:39 PM1 Mins Reading Custom made fan favorite Jerseys starting at $24.99 with Fansidea The White House is pushing US airlines to mandate vaccines for their staff and ... Read more

Bill Gates, who predicted the pandemic, names the next two monster disasters that could shake our world

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates famously predicted an infectious virus was likely to kill millions of people across the globe five years before COVID-19 did just that. 

“If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war,” Gates said during a 2015 Ted Talk. “We’ve actually invested very little in a system to stop an epidemic. We’re not ready for the next epidemic.” 

Inventor of mRNA Dr. Robert Malone: Effort underway to censor negative info on Tucker Carlson   Inventor of mRNA Dr. Robert Malone: Effort underway to censor negative info

Halt Covid Vaccine, Prominent Scientist Tells CDC

Halt Covid Vaccine, Prominent Scientist Tells CDC   In a public comment to the CDC, molecular biologist and toxicologist Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., called to immediately halt Covid vaccine production and distribution. Citing fertility, blood-clotting concerns (coagulopathy), and immune escape, Dr. Lindsay explained to the committee the scientific evidence showing that the coronavirus vaccines are not … Read more