The Big Reset – the censored documentary about the truth of the pandemic

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Australian Whistleblower Scientists Provide Evidence Of Nanotech & Graphene Oxide – Maria Zeee

Note:  this topic requires more study.  Some claims are extraordinary but feasible. Watch every show here. For the first time ever to come out of our country, Australian scientists have made contact with Zeee Media to provide evidence of their findings of nanotechnology in the COVID-19 Vaccines. Their identity is being protected so they can continue … Read more

Graphene Oxide Is the Main Ingredient in Covid Jabs, Says Former Pfizer Employee

Source Link: Excerpt:  by JD Rucker  September 1, 2021 Editor’s Commentary: For the last couple of months, readers and sources have encouraged us to cover Graphene Oxide. The toxin that is almost certainly found in the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines,” among others, may be the key to uncovering the conspiracy being perpetrated against American and ... Read more

Japan Suspects Contaminant In Moderna Vaccines Is Metallic, ‘Reacts To Magnets’

Source Link: Excerpt:  BY TYLER DURDEN FRIDAY, AUG 27, 2021 - 11:44 AM The Japanese Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that around 1.6 million doses of Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine have been taken out of use due to contamination in some vials that 'reacts to magnets,' according to a ministry official. Several vaccination centers reported finding foreign matter in ... Read more

Dr T gives an urgent call to action to all health professionals source: Statement by DR T – MBChB MRCGP I am sharing the following hypothesis urgently of how the Covid-19 experimental injections may be harming and killing in the hope that it may be able to help in some way to help stop this attempted mass genocide. I do not believe this is an … Read more

Magnetic properties of graphene oxide functionalized with “Au” and “Fe2O3” nanoparticles: A comparative study Abstract Reduced graphene oxide (r-GO) nanocomposites are very useful for different applications such as magnetic storage media and bio-imaging/biomedical applications and recently have been found to be very useful in electronic and magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent where r-GO was functionalized with silica coated gold and iron oxide nanoparticles. The potential material for these different … Read more