Synthetic Biology Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB) NIR Fingerprint Match Found In Human Blood – Hydrogel Signatures Identified – Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD In Conjunction with Clifford Carnicom

ANA MARIA MIHALCEA, MD, PHD MAY 14, 2023 Image: Cumulative NIR spectra Red: CDB Electrochemical Isolate Fingerprint. Black: Average NIR C19 Vaccinated Blood. Blue: C19 Unvaccinated Blood In this report, we continue to describe our research findings. Several important sequential scientific steps have fallen into place. In previous articles we have described the means of … Read more

Australian Vaccine Passports

Laura Logan Australia Vaccine verification certificates linked to digital id and government apps. If anyone suggested such a thing back in 2020, they were dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s now a tech totalitarian reality. @NoAgendaLara

Digital currency tied to your digital ID

Turkey is to integrate a new central bank digital currency with their digital ID system Peter Imanuelsen Do you remember the time when I warned that the next step would be a central bank digital currency tied to your digital ID? Well, just like with the climate lockdowns that is now essentially happening in Italy, … Read more

The Big Reset – the censored documentary about the truth of the pandemic

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Chile Bans ‘Discrimination Against Mutants and Genetically Altered People’

STAFF NEWS & ANALYSIS Chile Bans ‘Discrimination Against Mutants and Genetically Altered People’ By Ben Bartee – May 12, 2022 $(document).ready(function(){ var defaultP = parseInt($(‘#article_main’).css(‘font-size’)); var count = 0; var elements = [‘#article_main *’, ‘.article_text *’, ‘.article_text_newsletter *’]; $(‘.plus’).click(function(){ if ( count <= 1 ) { $(elements).each(function(key, val) { $(val).css(‘font-size’, parseInt($(val).css(‘font-size’))+1); }); count++; }; //alert( […]

Dr. Zelenko Exposes the Transhumanist Cult High Priest — Klaus Schwab’s Right-Hand Man — Yuval Noah Harari: ‘He Is the Embodiment of the Serpent’

By Matthew Burke • Mar. 31, 2022 In an interview with Infowars host and founder Alex Jones on Wednesday, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko discusses the anti-Christ madman behind globalist Nazi-linked “Great Reset” leader Klaus Schwab, the kingpin of the “World Economic Forum”. Ultra-creepy Yuval Noah Harari, who has called for depopulation of the planet, has — like Schwab — used the … Read more

Australian Whistleblower Scientists Provide Evidence Of Nanotech & Graphene Oxide – Maria Zeee

Note:  this topic requires more study.  Some claims are extraordinary but feasible. Watch every show here. For the first time ever to come out of our country, Australian scientists have made contact with Zeee Media to provide evidence of their findings of nanotechnology in the COVID-19 Vaccines. Their identity is being protected so they can continue … Read more

Ukraine is The First Country to Implement the WEF’s Great Reset By Combining Universal Basic Income, Digital I.D., and a Vaccine Passport in One App

By Brannon Howse, Leo Hohmann, 27 March, 2022 Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. We start off tonight with the Senate hearings for Joe Biden’s first nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. The newest attempt by the cultural Marxists to gaslight Americans has been the attempt to normalize child sex crimes. Pedophiles […]

EXPOSED: Meet Klaus Schwab’s 2021 Class of ‘Great Reset’ Soldiers[/sc] Renee Nal December 26, 2021 28 comments 6 min read The World Economic Forum’s goals are far more than remaking the economy. They want to physically alter you and your children. Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders class of 2021 include the Lieutenant Governor, State of Michigan, a Senior Vice-President at Uber, racist activist … Read more