oppose H.R. 4980 – you must be vaccinated to fly

Vaccine Mandates for Air Travel Won’t Fly Why Sign This Petition A bad bill was filed to make it law that you must be vaccinated to fly. Bad bills die in committee. Sign this petition today to make it loud and clear Americans do not want forced vaccination to fly. Showing a big opposition to this … Read more

Please Withdraw Endorsement of Kristi Noem

Please contact the 45th President, Donald Trump, and tell him to withdraw his endorsement of Kristi Noem.  This is why:  Kristi Noem Tells Unvaxxed Facing Vaccine Mandates at Work to Just Find a New Job Donald Trump’s staff can be contacted here:  https://www.45office.com/info/share-your-thoughts You can copy and paste the following letter.  Please modify it as … Read more

No Vaccine Passport Act – Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz recently introduced much needed legislation that curbs some of the negative effects of vaccine medical tyranny.  The Statistics absolutely validate that this legislation is needed. However, this legislation must go a little bit farther in order to be effective.  As it stands, critical elements are left out and government/corporations could still exploit … Read more

H.R. 2316: Fire Fauci Act

Summary To reduce the salary of the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to provide for an audit of the correspondence, financial statements, and policy memoranda within the Office of the Director during the COVID-19 outbreak, and for other purposes.  Fauci has made various gross medical errors in judgment, possibly because … Read more

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