2021-09-24-Biden wants to vaccinate everyone with boosters

Source Link: https://rumble.com/vmxrxb-2021-09-24-biden-wants-to-vaccinate-everyone-with-boosters.html

Ireland Refuses to Mandate Masks in Schools: ‘It Is Child Abuse’ (Video)

https://rumble.com/embed/vijm8j/?pub=5zpyl Excerpt:  Amy Mek August 14, 2021 Add comment 2 min read Tucker Carlson praised the Irish government for refusing to “blindly” follow mask advice from self-proclaimed health experts in the United States and instead commission their own scientific research. The Irish government has declared they will not force elementary school children to wear face ... Read more

Australia martial law, Masks, political propaganda, lockdowns, 1918 Spanish Flu 100x more severe than COVID

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Rand Paul Obliterates Delta Hysteria with Hard Facts You Won’t See in the Mainstream Media

Full Article:  https://beckernews.com/rand-paul-obliterates-delta-hysteria-with-hard-facts-you-wont-see-in-the-mainstream-media-40634/   August 1, 2021 by Kyle Becker Senator Rand Paul is keeping up the pressure on public officials who continue to push unfounded hysteria about Read more

COVID Vaccine Not As Effective As We’re Told, Masks Forever, Fauci is a Liar, Alex Berenson

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