First-Ever Spike Detox Protocol Appears in US Medical Journal: Here’s How You Can Get Better

Dr. Peter McCullough reveals three key substances for breaking down spike proteins, reducing inflammation, and mitigating the risk of blood clotting. “The COVID-19 vaccines were the largest human experiment ever done in the history of mankind,” expressed world-renowned cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough to a packed audience at the ReAwaken America Tour in Las Vegas, Nevada. “People who took the … Read more

Covid Doctor Who Left Hospital Job Has a Vision for Health Care

by Dr. Joseph Mercola  April 16, 2023 in Dr. Joseph Mercola, Videos See all the latest videos and articles patriots need to watch and read at Before the COVID pandemic, Dr. Paul Marik became well-known for his development of a highly effective sepsis protocol using intravenous vitamin C, which resulted in a dramatic reduction in mortality rates. Then, in 2020, he … Read more

Frontline Care Doctor Shares How to End COVID and It’s NOT the ‘Vaccines’

Excerpt:  by Dr. Joseph Mercola  August 13, 2021 Editor’s Commentary: This article and attached video will, with 100% certainty, be suppressed by Big Tech. They might allow them to stay up and pretend that people are seeing it, but unless it goes viral (unintended pun), the vast majority of Americans will never have an opportunity to learn ... Read more

How to Treat Long-Haul COVID COVID-19 is leaving many with a disturbing array of chronic symptoms. These functional-medicine strategies can help. By Mo Perry | Experience LifeFebruary 16, 2021 Nicole Press started feeling unwell in March 2020. At first, the stage manager, who splits her time between New York City and Pennsylvania, thought it might be allergies. But about a week in, … Read more

9 Functional-Medicine Strategies to Help Treat Long-Haul COVID

9 Functional-Medicine Strategies to Help Treat Long-Haul COVID Many people who have had COVID-19 still experience chronic issues. We talked to several functional-medicine doctors, and here’s what they recommend. By Mo Perry | Experience LifeApril 15, 2021 A root-cause approach is helping many long-haulers when a symptoms-based one might not. The following is an overview of the … Read more