COVID-19: A Pandemic Of Misinformation

OAN Newsroom UPDATED 3:12 PM PT – Tuesday, October 26, 2021 A frontline doctor is hoping to clarify information surrounding COVID-19. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Dan Ball (OAN) w/ Dr. Robert Malone – Vaccines Neither Safe Nor Effective

Real America – Dan Ball W/ Virologist, Immunologist & Inventor of MRNA Vaccine Technology, Dr. Robert Malone (December 9, 2021)  

New Pfizer Drug and Ivermectin [Dr. John Campbell 2021-11-09]

New Pfizer antiviral and ivermectin, a pharmacodynamic analysis New Pfizer antiviral, PF-07321332, C₂₃H₃₂F₃N₅O₄ PF-07321332 is designed to block the activity of the SARS-CoV-2-3CL protease,… So, what is a protease? So what is a protease inhibitor? And, what is 3CL? Chymotrypsin-like protease (3CL main protease, or 3CL Mpro) Identification of SARS-CoV‑2 3CL Protease Inhibitors by … Read more

Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on Laura Ingraham

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Ivermectin vs. Merck’s New Antiviral, Molnupiravir

by Dr. Joseph Mercola  October 25, 2021 Editor’s Commentary: Before we get to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s article below, I thought I would offer my two conspiratorial cents on what’s driving Molnupiravir to be released instead of Ivermectin against Covid-19. First and foremost, I do not believe it is as effective as Ivermectin, and that’s the point. They … Read more