Pandemic of the Unvaccinated – not true according to the numbers

Emily Burns #SmilesMatter DM’s OK
1/ Just 5.8% of all hospitalizations for COVID-like illness from Jan-June were in SARS-CoV-2+ UNvaxed patients –1.4% were vaxed. Of those hospitalized & tested, 53% were vaxed, 47% un-vaxed. Testing rates were 12% higher among unvaxed than vaxed.
2/ This study is interesting in many other ways. The CDC only counts 13 days+ second day as vaccinated. That means, looking at this, they would say ~5% of all CoV+ patients are vaxed. But if we count all people w/any vax, it’s actually 19%, and vaxed are tested at lower rates.
3/ The question is, why are all of these people w/COVID-like symptoms @ the hospital? (I have no idea). The way this study is done, it assesses efficacy by looking at the relative % positive in the hospitalized patients.
4/ This methodology doesn’t tell us how many people in each group (vaxed vs. unvaxed) were exposed. By May, vaccination rates in 50+ were roughly 65%, so this 53/47 split among vaxed/unvaxed, may suggest a lower CLI-like hospitalization rate, even w/12% lower testing of vaxed.

has a very long interesting thread on this–but to me, there are still a lot of questions here. But what IS clear, is that in terms of absolute numbers of hospitalizations, CoV+ unvaccinated is shockingly small (at least in this study).

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