Naomi Wolf Exposes UK Government Quietly BANNING Covid Jabs for Kids Under 12

By J.D. Rucker • Sep. 9, 2022 The UK government’s official Covid website quietly changed guidance on the Covid “vaccines” to not recommend jabs for kids under 12. According to independent journalist Naomi Wolf, they’re going so far as banning them unless the children are extremely immunocompromised. OOPS! She joined Steve Bannon to discuss it… According to her … Read more

Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA vaccine inventor): “The people that are dying are the highly jabbed”

Dr. Malone:

Dr. Robert Malone – Omicron variant, traditional vs. mRNA vaccines

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2021-10-21-Episode 1,352 – Mat Straver of Liberty Council – federal lawsuit against Biden – US Freedom Flyers (War Room with Steve Bannon)

Skip to 19:15.  Mat Staver of Liberty Council.  Military + airline (federal contractor) lawsuits + US Freedom Flyers (19,000+ membership)

Pfizer is Seeking Full Indemnification, Twisted Authorization Letter, Legal Cover for Mask Mandates

FDA Approval 2 distinct letters Pfizer BioNTech Authorization is for BioNTech. Initiated only when product becomes available. Pfizer still under EUA (has legal immunity). Dr. Robert Malone: Suggest you hold off for BioNTech Will not have liability protection the same as the Pfizer product BioNTech FDA Authorization was rushed without following precedent. This is “conditional” … Read more

Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA vaccine inventor) – Steven Bannon War Room

Dr. Malone (inventor of mRNA vaccine) – Stop Vaccinations Now Because of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

Vaccine Safety Interviews From Leading Experts – Naomi Wolf, Dr. Robert Malone, Robert F. Kennedy Jr… “The Dirty Dozen”

Part 1 Part 2 Our guests are: Dr. Robert Malone, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Erin Elizabeth, Charlene Bollinger, Ty Bollinger, Jack Posobiec