Hospital Protocol

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It appears that “hospital protocol” is what is really killing COVID-19 patients.  If they followed the FLCCC protocol, no one would need to die.

Detailed Explanation

  • When patients arrive at a hospital, doctors are required by their employment agreements to follow hospital protocols.
  • At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, hospitals were not properly treating the core causes of death:
    • a) viral replication
    • b) inflammation
  • Instead, hospitals were performing futile actions such as placing patients on respirators.
  • They failed to treat the inflammation / microblood clotting which damages tissues to organs that cannot be regenerated (e.g. lung tissue, etc.)
  • Hospitals were improperly treating patients to the point where intubation would normally be applied except that assisted respiration is mostly useless at that point since they allowed too much tissue to be damaged.
  • Many hospitals purposely banned the use of repurposed drugs and vitamin therapies which have proven to be significantly effective.
  • Talk Show Host Fights “Medical Protocol” Which Would Have Killed COVID Patient

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