Dr. Peter McCullough: Many Doctors ‘Are in a Vaccine Trance Right Now’

Source Link: https://noqreport.com/2021/09/10/dr-peter-mccullough-many-doctors-are-in-a-vaccine-trance-right-now/ Excerpt:  by Dr. Joseph Mercola  September 10, 2021 in Opinions Editor’s Commentary: As Americans, we have learned our whole lives to rely on experts for many of our needs. Most go to a mechanics’ shop to get the oil in our cars changed even though the process is relatively simple. Sometimes it’s a matter of ... Read more

Why the Ivermectin Lies Persist Despite Unambiguous Scientific Evidence of Efficacy

The “horse dewormer” narrative continues, though many disseminators of the truth have moved on as if the mission was accomplished. by DR. JOSEPH MERCOLA  September 14, 2021 in Conspiracy, Police State, Science, Truth Editor’s Commentary: I was a culprit of the very fallacy that I’m about to scold others for committing. With all that’s happening with vaccine mandates, generals committing treason, … Read more

Medical Tyranny: Hospitals Refuse Life-Saving Ivermectin – Families Fight for the Lives of their Loved Ones (Video)

Source Link: https://rairfoundation.com/medical-tyranny-hospitals-refuse-life-saving-ivermectin-families-fight-for-the-lives-of-their-loved-ones-video/ https://rumble.com/embed/vjok4t/?pub=5zpyl Excerpt:   Renee Nal September 9, 2021 1 comment 3 min read In one case, a coronavirus patient on a ventilator was given a “zero percent” chance of survival. The daughter fought the hospital to give her mother ivermectin, and now the mother is home healing. Natalie Kingdollar was told by the ... Read more

Family: War vet died after hospital ignored court order for ivermectin

Source Link: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/family-war-vet-died-after-hospital-ignored-court-order-for-ivermectin/ Excerpt:  Gabrielle Snider, Lopez's granddaughter, told local news that the hospital 'took away from my grandfather and us, his family, the opportunity to know whether or not that drug would have worked for him.' Wed Sep 8, 2021 - 6:05 am EDT This story was originally published by the WND News Center (WND ... Read more

Vaccine Questions – Dr. Robert Malone | American Thought Leaders

Part 1 Part 2

Dr. Pierre Kory Identifies U.S. Agency Truly at War with Ivermectin and It Is NOT the FDA

Source Link: https://thelibertydaily.com/dr-pierre-kory-identifies-u-s-agency-truly-at-war-with-ivermectin-and-it-is-not-the-fda/ Excerpt:  By J.D. Rucker • Aug. 31, 2021 Somebody in Washington DC does not like Ivermectin. In fact, many “somebodies” have been engaged in an all-out propaganda and bureaucratic war to keep the people in the dark and to keep doctors too scared to prescribe the life-saving treatments, including the highly effective ... Read more

Are Effective COVID Medications Like Ivermectin Being Suppressed Because Their Successful Treatments Could Cause Vaccines to Lose Government Funding?

Excerpt:  By Joe Hoft Published August 21, 2021 at 7:45am 1039 Comments Share(1.9k)TweetGab ShareTelegramShare Guest post by Kevin Moncla Are effective COVID medications like Ivermectin being suppressed because they could cause vaccines to lose government funding? Not very long after the pandemic lockdowns began last year, we heard of a potential treatment for COVID-19 involving the ... Read more

Agony at the End of an Experimental Hypodermic Needle

Excerpt:  by Dr. Peter McCullough | Aug 7, 2021 We are at an apex of emotional agony and social crisis as the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its dominant mutant strain, Delta, is bearing down on the US in a bona fide outbreak curve and to the underestimation of many scientists. Despite being a less virulent form of the COVID-19 ... Read more

Frontline Care Doctor Shares How to End COVID and It’s NOT the ‘Vaccines’

Excerpt:  by Dr. Joseph Mercola  August 13, 2021 Editor’s Commentary: This article and attached video will, with 100% certainty, be suppressed by Big Tech. They might allow them to stay up and pretend that people are seeing it, but unless it goes viral (unintended pun), the vast majority of Americans will never have an opportunity to learn ... Read more