Vaccine Safety

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These safety events are way out of line. This vaccine is nowhere close to be safe.

Dr. Peter McCullough

Context of quotation:  Statistics

Definition of “Safe”

Vaccines are approved for use based on perceived need, efficacy, and relative numbers of adverse effects (including deaths).  “Safe” is totally relative.

Safe Does Not Mean You Won’t Die From The Vaccine

  • A “safe” vaccine can kill or permanently injure people and still be authorized by the FDA.
    • The Swine Flu Vaccine of 1976 killed 25 people and caused 500+ cases of a serious illness called Guillaine Barre Syndrome before the CDC director had to resign in shame.  See Swine Flu Vaccination 1976.
    • The HPV Vaccine has been associated with deaths, although government agencies will often fail to identify a causal link.  
      • There may only be a temporal relation which is, in layman’s terms, guilt by association or probably related by time and place.

The False Notion That Vaccines Carry “Low Risk”

  • COVID-19 vaccine salesmanship utilizes phrases such as “rare”, “low chance of”, “low probability”, etc.
  • These arguments do not speak of lethality or permanence.
  • Even something with a 0.01% chance of lethality, is still lethal for 0.01% of the population.
  • Serious adverse reactions can be permanent and without cure.
  • Also, percentages do not speak of the actual number of people.
    • For example
      • If a vaccine has a 0.01% of a permanent adverse event or death,
      • And there are 332,570,000 people in the USA,
    • Then 0.01% * 332,570,000 is still 3.3 MILLION people either dead or with a permanent adverse event (e.g. Guillain-Barré Syndrome).
  • Consider this analogy with regards to percentage:
    • You have a gun with a capacity of 1,000 bullets.
    • You load 1 chamber with 1 bullet.
    • You point the gun at a group of people and you keep pulling the trigger until it fires and kills someone.
    • Even though there is only a 0.1% (1 ÷ 1000 * 100) chance someone dies, that 1 person is still dead.
  • This is why vaccines should never be mandatory by other governments or corporations.  It’s no different than either one being responsible for firing a gun at someone.

Example of how “Safe” an FDA approved vaccine can be

Here are the VAERS metrics for an FDA approved HPV vaccine.

Death and Adverse Events for COVID-19 vaccines

See Statistics


Effective simply means the vaccine causes antibodies to be created.

  • It does NOT mean that it prevents you from getting sick.
  • It does NOT mean that it stops virus transmission.
  • It does NOT mean that you will not get reinfected by a variant.


  • Perhaps very narrow testing only.
  • Why aren’t there any product inserts?
  • That is why the COVID-19 vaccine is still NOT APPROVED and operating only under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).
  • Do we have 5, 10, 15, 20 years of data?
  • Have the overwhelming death and injury rates in VAERS been 100% explained?

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