Vaccine Performance

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There are 4 main problems with all COVID-19 vaccines:

  1. Vaccines are leaky.
  2. Vaccines wane over time.
  3. Efficacy against variants is unknown.
  4. Adverse events are very serious and has an extremely high death count.

Therefore, we cannot vaccine out of a pandemic.  Coronoaviruses mutant far too often making vaccines useless.  In fact, vaccines cause antibody dependent enhancement and immune escape, making the problem worse.

Leaky Vaccines


Leaky vaccines:

  • (good) prevents the person from dying or getting serious illness.
  • (bad) does not prevent viral replication.
  • (bad) does not prevent viral transmission.
  • (bad) does not prevent infection.
  • (bad) viruses normally evolve as not to kill a host but if the host survives, then the virus does not reach an evolutionary dead-end (host dies, virus dies, so the virus normally evolves to be less deadly).
    • But, leaky vaccines selectively favor the more dangerous virus.
      • They keep the host alive.
      • Allows the virus to evolve to be more deadly.
    • Furthermore, antibody dependent enhancement and immune escape create an even bigger problem for the vaccinated because they have no natural immune response as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine overpowering the natural immune system.
    • Unvaccinated seem to high significantly lower re-infection rates as is evidenced by Israel’s < 1% unvaccinated re-infections but > 50% vaccinated re-infection rate (breakthrough cases).

Vaccine Waning


The vaccine becomes less effective over time.


  • source:  Waning antibody responses in COVID-19: what can we learn from the analysis of other coronaviruses?
  • titer (British: titre):  generally represents a concentration of something.  In a blood titer, it represents the amount of a specific antibody in a given volume of blood.
  • It has been observed that:
    • IgM, IgB, nAb antibodies reach peak titers ~2-3 weeks post symptom onset.
      • IgM is undetectable by 6 weeks post symptom onset.
      • IgB and nAb reach a plateau before declining within 2-3 months
  • Defective T-cells become unable to active memory B-cells (MBCs) –> impairs the production of long lasting, high affinity antibodies = waning vaccine effectiveness.

Unknown Variant Efficacy


COVID-19 vaccines were originally tested only for antibody titer (concentration).  They were not tested for other factors since it is inferred that higher antibody count means lower severe infection or death.  Variants didn’t exist at the time and original studies therefore did not test efficacy on variants.

Real world performance in highly vaccinated countries like Israel, the U.K., and Iceland demonstrated reduced efficacy against variants and high rates of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and Immune Escape.

Serious Adverse Events


COVID-19 vaccines (both virus vector and mRNA) suffer from a variety of serious adverse events.  One factor is the vaccine induced spike protein which is toxic either when developed by the human body by vaccine influence or from the virus.

See Statistics and Problems.

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine explains these concepts

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Do COVID Vaccines Prevent Infection?

No.  They do not prevent illness.  In fact, vaccines are part of getting sick – they are part of the immune response.  Vaccines are not magic force fields that keep you from getting sick.  Vaccines prime your immune system so that the immune response (getting sick) is more effective against the virus.

Do COVID Vaccines Prevent Virus Transmission (Spread)?

No.  The virus primarily spreads by respiratory droplets.  If you have a sufficient load of virus material and you are actively infected, then you will be sick, even if you only have mild symptoms.  Anytime you are sick (including the most mild of symptoms), you are contagious.  The vaccine will not prevent virus transmission because you will still get sick, which means you’re contagious.

So What Do Vaccines Do?

Clinical reports indicate that COVID-19 vaccines reduce the chance of death or serious illness.  But, that is not to be confused with preventing infection or stopping virus spread.

Beware of False Advertising Regarding COVID Vaccines

  • There’s no shortage of studies and government propaganda demonstrating superior vaccine effectiveness.
  • These studies and statements may not be necessarily wrong, but they imply something that isn’t true when used outside of the study narratives.
  • For example, in the charts below, they demonstrate superior vaccine effectiveness against non-vaccinated.
  • But, pro-vaccine marketing is misrepresenting the context of the study for the purpose of selling people on the use of vaccines.
    • First, pro-vaccine marketing should be honest and compare vaccines effectiveness to other competing technologies, not just against the performance of non-vaccinated.
      • When vaccines are compared to repurposed drugs, vaccines are massively inferior.
        • Repurposed drugs prevent virus infection and similarly have superior effects on stopping viral spread.
        • Vaccines do not stop virus infection nor viral spread.
    • Vaccines do offer better chances of not dying from the virus compared to not using vaccines (but they are vastly inferior to repurposed drugs).
      • The problem with vaccines is that they have so many serious adverse events.
        • COVID vaccines have negative adverse reactions that exceed the negative effects of all other vaccines combined.
        • COVID vaccines have killed a record number of patients.
        • COVID vaccines appear to have long term delayed onset of death (e.g. via microblood clotting and delayed cardiovascular problems).
        • COVID vaccines are not effective against variants because of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and Immune Escape.
      • These problems make the vaccine possibly worse than the virus itself.
  • The right way to evaluate vaccine performance is to compare vaccines vs. another medical technology.

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