The CDC Is BIG Mad at Their Own Scientists for Proving Masks (Even N95) Don’t Work

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justmindy | 3:50 PM on February 08, 2024

The CDC is very mad at the CDC for finding out N95 masks are as useless as surgical masks. Also, the CDC is planning on punishing its own scientists for discovering what a whole lot of people already knew.

So, the masks don’t work but she likes them, so there.

Honestly, if adults want to wear useless face coverings, have at it. It’s when they force the junk science on kids, it becomes really objectionable.

One would think warning scientists to find a specific result ‘or else’ would be a bit problematic.

That’s exactly what it’s like.

Now, apparently, the scientists better comply just like they used to force the citizens of America.

That is it in a nutshell. Put it on a bumper sticker.

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