Graphene Oxide

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A team of scientists from La Quinta Columna (Spain) used optical microscopes and scanning electron microscopes on a vial of Pfizer mRNA vaccine.  They discovered what appears to be graphene oxide (99% per volume), a poisonous substance.-population tool.  This idea was floated in the Amazon TV series Utopia (202) and the movie Children of Men.


Note:  this is awaiting chemical verification.

  • Citations:
  • The results so far are not 100% proof.
  • Conducted by Spanish researchers – a group is called “The Fifth Column” (translated), associated with the University of Almeria.
  • They obtained several Pfizer sealed vial w/ lot number. Expiration of August 2021.
  • They followed instructions to dilute it into 6 doses from that vile.
  • They examined it under visual and electron microscopes.
  • RNA was found under microscopes (electron and visual) but it is a tiny fraction of the whole:
    • 6 nanograms per uL of RNA
    • Grapheneoxide 747 ng = 99.99% Graphene Oxide
  • A lipid nanoparticle is used to push graphene oxide into your cells.
  • You get oxidative stress.
    • Destroys everything inside cell.
    • Explodes the mitochondria.
    • Creates inflammation, Cytokyne, Chemokynes.
    • Creates violent a inflammatory storm.
    • Creates acute inflammation of the lungs, inflammatory storm in heart and brain tissue.
    • Ties directly to strokes and heart attacks.
  • Graphene oxide is a poison.
  • Using an electron microscope, pictures of actual industrial graphene oxide appear identical to vaccine images.
  • Chemical confirmation upcoming.
  • Limitations of examination: want a tighter chain of custody, have another 100 viles to test.

Note:  No one has ever isolated SARS-CoV-2, the virus that allegedly causes COVID-19.
These symptoms would also be caused by graphene in the lungs.

  • Conjecture:  Enough graphene oxide with body heat may have an interaction with the 5G network.

This has various nefarious implications such as using it as a de-population tool.  This idea was floated in the Amazon TV series Utopia (2020) and the movie Children of Men.


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