HPV Vaccine

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The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination almost became mandatory in Texas but was eventually reconsidered.

Example of a Good Vaccine

The HPV vaccine has low percentages of adverse effects, relatively speaking.  Part of the deceptive marketing of vaccines such as the HPV vaccine is that percentages are used.  Percentages describe probability of an adverse event, but they say nothing of severity.  Patients should primarily care about severity because if a vaccine is known to cause severe reactions, then even a 0.001% chance of an adverse reaction means nothing if you are one of those 0.001%.  Looking at the results found in VAERS, we can see that the HPV vaccine is potentially responsible for 552 deaths (0.88%), 2,825 permanent disabilities, and 6 birth defects.  Regardless of the percentages, all of these people are either dead or have permanent severe disabilities.

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