Vaccine Boosters

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Quick Summary

Vaccines effectivity are not permanent.  Recall that a vaccine is simply something that induces your body to make anti-bodies.  Eventually there isn’t enough vaccine material making a booster necessary.


  • Initial COVID-19 vaccines used mRNA (spike protein production) to induce an antibody response.
  • Boosters may include other payloads including mRNA designed for viral variants.
  • However, the basic vaccine technology is still limited because:
    • Boosters will always be needed because of the millions of variations of viruses.  They mutate over time.
    • They don’t last forever.
    • Also, current vaccines do not create a comprehensive immune system response.  Natural immunity includes many other layers of defenses which vaccines do not provide.  For example, an individual having been infected with SARS-CoV-2 will end up having natural immunity which included T-Cell immunity, which provides lifelong immunity.  No vaccine does that.

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