Employer Mandated Vaccinations

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Can Employers Mandate Vaccination as a requisite of employment?

  • Broadly, yes.
  • If an employment contract existed which exempts the individual or makes some other alternative arrangement, then that defines the rule of continued employment. For this reason, companies such as Delta Airlines are including vaccination in their employment agreement, which applies to new hires.
  • Without a pre-existing employment agreement (or contract), then the company is legally able to require vaccinations of new and existing employees as a condition of employment.

What is wrong with employer mandated vaccinations?

  • What if the employer is wrong about the utility or overall decision of mandating vaccinations?
    • Vaccines do not stop virus transmissions.
    • Vaccines do not stop active infections.
    • Other than indulging in the ignorant fear of customers, there is no medical or scientific utility to employer mandated vaccinations.
  • What if the medical establishment is wrong?
    (vaccine of the 1970s)
  • What if you die or are permanently injured?
  • What if you can’t keep your job because of vaccine caused illnesses such as Giuonne Barre Syndrome or Myocarditis?
  • Who pays for the medical care?
  • Who can perform a miracle to completely restore your medical health?
  • Who can repay you for the loss of your one and only life?

How can vaccination be “forced”?

  • Normally it can’t.
    • Contrary to popular belief, vaccines have never been universally forced.
    • There have always been exemptions or merely civil fines.
  • All employment in the USA is voluntary.  Mandatory employment would be indentured servitude or even slavery (e.g. criminal sex trafficking).
  • An employer has the full legal freedom to require vaccination as a condition of employment.
    • They can legally say “if you don’t like it, too bad, find work somewhere else or start your own business”. This is the unfortunate reality of the modern day United States where our elected public servants give into “corporatism” while selling away your human rights, natural rights, and moral rights. Nothing stopped politicians from banning vaccination requirements for employment through medical freedom laws. For example, in Texas, Governor Gregg Abbott passed an executive order that prohibited government originated vaccinated but left the door wide open for employer mandated vaccinations.
  • Some state governments have laws on the books which empower state health agencies to vaccinate you against your will.

How do we stop employer mandated vaccinations?

  • Religious exemptions.
  • Medical exemptions (if they bother to respect it).
  • Public shaming.
  • Media attention.
  • Boycotting.
  • Pressure on politicians to pass laws giving corporations this power (the power to dictate medical requirements as a pre-condition of employment).
  • Staging mass walkouts from a job.
  • Staging rallies aimed at bringing attention to this.
  • Understanding that vaccines do not “work” the way people believe them to. They do not prevent infection nor stop spread. At best they can only limit symptoms. A vaccinated person can just as easily infect someone else therefore the whole argument of protecting others is a moot point.
  • Understanding that natural immunity is better.
  • Understanding that the herd immunity argument is also moot because herd immunity has already been reached a long time ago (according to experts) and because herd immunity can be reached by treating COVID-19 inflammation and virus replication using drugs like Ivermectin. The entire pandemic could have been stopped simply with mass Ivermectin and anti-inflammatories.

If I get injured from the vaccine, can I get a settlement from the employer?

  • During the period under which a vaccine is under Emergency Use Authorization, yes, you most likely can sue the employer in civil court and get a settlement but the odds are still not in your favor. Obviously if the vaccine causes death, this is a fruitless idea.
  • Politicians have made it abundantly clear that full FDA authorization is imminent, despite huge vaccine deaths and monolothic amounts of permanent injuries.

Government Settlements

  1. EUA insulates vaccine manufacturers, the government, and basically everyone involved.
  2. Even with an approved vaccine, your legal recourse is almost non-existent.
    1. The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) immunizes government, medical professionals, involved corporations, and vaccine manufacturers from legal prosecution.
    2. If you are injured, there are two vaccine compensation funds:  Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP), National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).  The CICP applies to COVID-19 countermeasures (vaccines).  COVID-19 falls under CICPA comparison of the two programs is available here.
      1. Learn more about CICP.
    3. The key problem with any of these programs is that a victim has to prove they were injured.
      1. To show direct causation between a Covered Countermeasure and a serious physical injury, the statute requires “compelling, reliable, valid, medical and scientific evidence.”
      2. The average person or law firm has virtually zero chance of ever proving this because of the extreme scientific qualifications and laboratory funding over years required to provide a clear scientific link.  Consider how long it took the legal system to get victories in courts for harm caused by the tobacco industry, Monsanto with glyphosate (Roundup), and Johnson & Johnson with carcinogenic talcum powder.


St Jude Children’s Hospital

Download PDF:  july-14-covid-19-update-from-dr-downing.pdf


Methodist Houston

One of the former Houston Methodist employees who refused to comply with the hospital’s vaccine mandate is Jennifer Bridges, a Baytown nurse who rallied 117 unvaccinated Houston Methodist workers to sue the hospital over the vaccine mandate. That lawsuit was dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Hughes, but Bridges, her fellow plaintiffs and their attorney, conservative activist Jared Woodfill, have appealed the case to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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