Another pilot incapacitation …with ATC audio

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NOV 30, 2023

The First Officer who was the flying pilot on American Airlines flight 755 from Paris to Philadelphia on November 29th, had a seizure that stiffened his legs and back, jamming his feet under the rudder pedals on short final approach. The captain immediately took over flying duties and there was no loss of aircraft control. The relief pilot who was required to be on the flight deck during landing was able to remove the unconscious pilot from the seat with the help of the purser. The relief pilot occupied the seat for a normal landing and taxi to the gate.

You can listen to the 2-minute audio clip here:

Long international flights are the safest right now due to extra pilots required to be on the flight deck during critical phases of flight that include the takeoff, initial climb, final descent, and landing. This extra pilot requirement does not currently exist for domestic flights and short international flights. However, having that extra layer of safety will not matter if this scenario happens again with involuntary flight control inputs. No number of pilots on the flight deck will be able to respond in time.

Here’s the scenario: The rudder pedals are connected to each other. The captain has two rudder pedals, and so does the first officer. They are connected to each other by cables, and when either pedal is pushed, the corresponding pedal for the other pilot moves as well. On short final approach like this flight was in at the time, if the first officer had a tonic spasm that shoved one of the rudders fully forward with his leg fully extended, the captain might not be able to overcome that control input. This would put the aircraft into a violent roll that would not be recoverable.

Seizures in pilots is a huge deal, specifically because of possible involuntary flight control inputs. If a pilot had even one seizure in his or her past that was of an unknown cause, there must be a four-year recovery period with no seizures, and the last two years must be without anticonvulsant medications. If a pilot has had more than one seizure in his or her past, it is diagnosed as epilepsy. This requires ten years of no seizures and the last three years without anticonvulsant medications. After these recovery periods, extensive neurological examinations including imaging of the brain are required.

We know seizures after these shots happen.  More than 6,000 have been reported in VAERS. I don’t know if the pilot who had the seizure on this flight had a covid shot or not, but I want to give you possible reasons of how an mRNA shot can result in seizures. Seizures like these are an indication that something has gone wrong in the brain tissue. It can be inflammation, a tumor, a vascular problem, or autoimmunity.

First, inflammation. We know that the lipid nanoparticles in the shot cross the blood brain barrier. We also know that the lipid nanoparticles contain smaller lipid nanoparticles that are toxic and are not supposed to be used in humans or animals. Pfizer’s is called ALC-0315 and Moderna’s is called SM-102. Since they are toxic, they can activate microglial cells (basically immune cells of the brain) and this will result in inflammation, a known cause of seizures.

Second, tumors. We know that the shots are contaminated with DNA from plasmids that were used in e-coli bacteria to generate massive amounts of messenger RNA that is in these shots. There is also a promoter gene sequence from the SV-40 virus, another contaminant, that will chaperone the DNA fragments into the nucleus where they can be integrated into the genome. This can make that cell line become cancerous, and it can happen in the brain.

Third, vascular problems. The spike proteins that are created by the mRNA in the shot are bioactive proteins. This means they will attach to cellular receptors all along blood vessel walls. The spike protein is not like human proteins your body makes and uses all the time. Human proteins are willingly taken in by cells, they do not attach to receptors that cause an immune response.  This attachment of spike proteins can result in an immune response that will damage those cells that line the blood vessels. This can result in weakening of the vessel walls resulting in aneurysms or leakages. Spike proteins can also attach to red blood cells, making them stick together, resulting in micro-clotting, reducing necessary blood flow. If aneurysms, leaks, or clots happen in the brain, enough damage can result in seizures.

Fourth, autoimmunity, where the immune system is attacking normal body cells. This can happen when the very thing the shot is trying to stimulate production of, antibodies, can become suboptimal and too numerous, especially after repeated booster shots. The suboptimal antibodies can confuse the immune system into attacking normal body cells, and if enough happens in the brain, seizures can result.

It’s time for everyone, including pilots, to refuse all mRNA shots. Moderna has more in the pipeline that will target other diseases like Nipah, RSV, and influenza. These mRNA shots will induce your body to make bioactive proteins that will hurt you. Don’t do this to yourself or your children.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for staying smart.

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