Show Your Papers: French Police Harass Patrons For COVID Passes At Restaurants

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by Jamie White
August 9th 2021, 11:40 am

Disturbing video reminiscent of Nazi Germany shows French police harassing restaurant patrons for their COVID “health passes,” which became mandatory Monday.

Video recorded by a citizen shows masked armed police officers going around asking people for their phones showing COVID passports at a restaurant terrace in Paris.

Les premiers contrôles de #Police ont démarré à titre préventif à #Paris dans les cafés et restaurants où le #PassSanitaire est obligatoire dès aujourd’hui. Verbalisation de 135 euros à partir de la semaine prochaine, jusqu’à 9000 euro en cas de récidive.#Passanitaire #reuters

— Antony Paone (@PaoneAntony) August 9, 2021
This comes despite the fact millions of people across France have been protesting the COVID passport mandate since French President Macron announced them last month.

The mandate, which goes into effect today, requires citizens present a QR code showing vaccine status to enter cafes and shopping centers or use public trains.

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On August 1st, Macron’s France will require a COVID-19 health pass for anyone entering a restaurant or café, a shopping center, hospital, or taking a long-distance train due to the fear mongering surrounding the dreaded Delta variant.

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