No Vaccine Passport Act – Ted Cruz

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Senator Ted Cruz recently introduced much needed legislation that curbs some of the negative effects of vaccine medical tyrannyThe Statistics absolutely validate that this legislation is needed.

However, this legislation must go a little bit farther in order to be effective.  As it stands, critical elements are left out and government/corporations could still exploit it.  Please review the following letter and send it to Ted Cruz.  It’s very important that you include your NAME and ADDRESS (to verify you are real).  Phone calls and regular mail work best.

Dear Senator Cruz,

Thank you for standing up against medical tyranny. I want to support the “No Vaccine Passport Act”, but many modifications are required which put the person’s medical liberty first and foremost.

  1. Why only limit this to COVID-19 and not expand to any pandemic? Special interests will simply create another pandemic under another name which makes this legislation irrelevant.
  2. Why only 5 years? A person’s medical liberty must be permanent.
  3. Page 36, line 4. (A) The term “adversely affects” still allows a corporation to use positive reinforcement combined with passive coercion. The carrot and stick approach disguised under clever psychological techniques is powerful.
    • For example, Biden was advertising ‘no masks for the vaccinated’. What stops a corporation from doing this using the language contained in this Act?
    • Corporations such as United Airlines have already offered significant financial incentives for employees to get vaccinated, which is simply the carrot side of coercion. Both the carrot and stick must be illegal.
  1. Clause (E)(i) is unacceptable. I do not tolerate “escape clauses”.
    • A business will always find a way to impose “undue hardship” rationalizations. For example, an airline can say it is “an undue hardship” to not have pilots vaccinated.
    • Republicans need to completely cease and desist giving carve outs and loopholes to corporations; corporations must not be the religion and God of the Republican party.
  1. The exclusion for forcing people to social distance, wear masks, and conducting symptom checks is unacceptable. No one should ever force you to wear protective equipment because of personal freedom, but also since it is not actually protective. It’s a psychological muzzle to acclimate you to “compliance”.
  2. The Act should prohibit any governmental agency from launching ‘information campaigns’ (propaganda) to achieve mass vaccinations (or any medical procedure). Government entities must be disallowed from serving as de facto marketing arms of corporations to sell their products, as we have observed with decades of government sponsored vaccination campaigns.
  3. Protection of VAERS. Government and private must not be allowed to corrupt, modify, withhold from FOIA, expire, or deny entries into VAERS. The government must be forbidden from establishing competing systems such as “V-SAFE” which dilute VAERS data by competing with it, while VSAFE itself is exempt from disclosure. All VAERS data (except for personally identifiable information) must be immediately accessible at all times by any American citizen, without restriction. VAERS data must be final layer of deciding whether a product is safe. If even a single death results from a vaccine, as documented in VAERS by a sworn affidavit from a medical doctor or power of attorney, then the vaccine must not achieve “authorized” status from the government nor be considered “safe”. A product must defined as being “safe” only if (a) it results in zero deaths, (b) it has no long term adverse reactions (exceeding 1 yr). An authorized vaccine must always be retroactively capable of being considered “unsafe” with evolving VAERS submissions.
  4. Lastly, you need to include a clear statement stating:
    • “Under no circumstance, will an employer, government entity, or judicial process ever require a medical process, for any reason whatsoever, upon a Person. The choice of a medical procedure shall always be the sole choice of the Person, without exception, including ’emergencies’.

We need medical freedom. We currently have no such tangible protections. This bill is only halfway there. Ultimately it does not provide medical liberty – it’s a compromise that still allows desecration of God’s temple – the Person. Please make the following modifications so that I can support the bill.

Please sign your NAME and ADDRESS at the bottom.

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