Stop the World Health Organization (WHO) From Controlling the United States

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What is Going On?

On May 22-28, the Biden administration, at the 75th World Health Assembly, will vote to surrender the United States’ medical independence to the World Health Organization (WHO).

This will give the WHO the power to perform surveillance (spying) on Americans and to issue mandates in the USA including lockdowns, forced vaccinations, masks, checkpoints, curfews, shutdowns, imprisoning people, and other activities to oppress Americans.  All of this happened already across the world, particularly in countries like Australia.

Learn more about Australia here.

or watch the videos below.

What You Can Do

Contact your U.S. Congressmen either by phone call, email, or visit personally.

How To Contact Your Congressmen

  1. Find who your congressmen are (Senators & Representatives) here:
    • Note:  Congressmen go by the titles of Senator and Representatives.
  2. Contact them.  It only takes a few minutes.  No need to say more than a sentence or two.  They’ll know what you’re talking about.  We just need numbers to show opposition.
    1. Phone Calls.  You’ll probably talk to a staffer.  Just tell them to “oppose handing our medical affairs to the WHO”.  We have talking points below.
      • You want to call their Washington D.C. office.
    2. Emails.  Each congressman has a way to way to electronically contact them.  A few sentences will suffice.
    3. Personal visits.  This is the best option but be sure to get briefed on how to talk to politicians and on this topic.

Key Talking Points

  • Do not allow Biden or his staff to bypass the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Congress, and States’ rights, allowing the WHO to dictate US medical policy.
  • WHO will use surveillance to track people who are sick / vaccinated / unvaccinated.  New tracking technologies and existing cell phones can be used to ensure no one violates lockdowns, like in China.
  • WHO will create worldwide “mandates” (vaccines, masks, lockdowns, etc.) whenever they want.
  • US law must be made only by US citizens.
    • The Constitution affords no authority for the Federal government to dictate medical affairs in the USA.
    • The Constitution furthermore gives no authority to a world government to issue orders or make laws for US citizens.

One More Thing

  • We need a complete set of laws passed at the State and Federal level in order to guarantee medical freedom.
  • The Medical Freedom Act is a framework that politicians can copy and paste into law immediately.
  • Medical Freedom Act assures your medical freedom by restricting government and corporations.
  • Ask your Congressmen to pass the Medical Freedom Act.

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