Please Withdraw Endorsement of Kristi Noem

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Please contact the 45th President, Donald Trump, and tell him to withdraw his endorsement of Kristi Noem.  This is why:  Kristi Noem Tells Unvaxxed Facing Vaccine Mandates at Work to Just Find a New Job

Donald Trump’s staff can be contacted here:

You can copy and paste the following letter.  Please modify it as needed.

Dear President Trump, I ask that you withdraw your endorsement of Kristi Noem.  She has proven to be a reliable Republican In Name Only (RINO) who does not have traditional conservative values.  She recently told people who are concerned about employer mandated vaccinations they can “find a new job”.  This clearly demonstrates that Kristi Noem worships money as her god.  She has no respect for the person.  She puts corporate profits above the people.  If the Republican Party is to survive, it must return to its roots where it places individual freedom and liberty above all else.  This is only the most recent example of how Kristi Noem has slid into the role of a perfect “swamp creature”.  Since you campaigned with her, I ask that you speak against her deplorable behavior.

Thank you

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