With ‘Approved’ Pfizer ‘Vaccine’ Not Yet Available, Mandates Are Preying on People’s Ignorance

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With ‘Approved’ Pfizer ‘Vaccine’ Not Yet Available, Mandates Are Preying on People’s Ignorance


The predicate for most of the new mandates being pushed forth by governments and businesses is that the Pfizer “vaccine” has been approved. Technically, it wasn’t, at least not the one available now.
August 29, 2021
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The bait n’ switch is on with the so-called Pfizer “vaccines.” The ones that are currently being offered are NOT the ones that the FDA approved last week. Eventually the approved shots will go into production and be available, but many governments and businesses are not waiting around before mandating their employees and customers get vaxxed.

There has been speculation that “Comirnaty,” the new injections to be offered by Pfizer once they get immunity from liability to distribute them, will not be the same as the current Pfizer jabs. This is based on both odd wording in the FDA’s approval letter and patents filed by Pfizer. So even though it’s possible that the currently circulated Pfizer shots will be the same as the ones that are receiving FDA approval, it’s just as likely that we will see a different version once Comirnaty is released.

The mandates that are popping up today are premature. They are still requiring people to take experimental drugs that have not been FDA-approved, drugs that are still being distributed under a renewed Emergency Use Authorization.

For many of us, it doesn’t matter how they label it or who “approved” it. The mRNA technology used to create spike proteins in bodies of the injected have been demonstrably dangerous in all iterations. Moderna’s “vaccine,” which is statistically more effective than the Pfizer shots, also appears to have heightened risks. As for the J&J shots and others that inject spike proteins directly into the bodies, the risks are nearly as high as their mRNA cousins.

Below is an article by Paul Craig Roberts describing the current situation. I’ll follow that up with my biggest concerns regarding an ignorant populace.

The Approved Pfizer Vaccine Is Not yet Available
The Covid Vaccine profiteers are claiming that now the vaccine is officially approved, it can be mandated. This is false for two reasons.

One reason is that all medical procedures, which includes inoculation, require under law ‘“informed consent.” Therefore, vaccination cannot be legally mandated. US corporations are trying to get around the law by saying that they do not require anyone to be vaccinated, but if you choose to work for the corporation vaccination is a condition of employment.

The other reason is that the FDA did not give final approval to existing stocks of Pfizer’s vaccine. This supply was authorized only under emergency use and remains under that authorization. The FDA reauthorized or renewed the Emergence Use Authorization (EUA) of the existing stocks.

The FDA differentiates between the EUA vaccine, which shields Pfizer from liability, and the approved vaccine, given the name Comirnaty. The vaccines are the same, but the approved one has not been given immunity from liability, so there is a legal difference. Pfizer is unlikely to market Comirnaty until it can obtain immunity from liability for the approved Comirnaty. In the meantime, there is a supply of the EUA authorized vaccine to be used.

The bottom line is that the vaccine currently in use and produced under EUA authorization does not have final FDA approval. For the yet to be produced approved Comirnaty, Pfizer is liable for deaths and injuries. Therefore, doses of the approved new production are not available. The corrupt FDA and its Big Pharma owner are counting on the unvaccinated as well as doctors not to notice the distinction and go for the unapproved EUA vaccine thinking that it is finally approved and thereby safe.

The FDA’s 13-page letter to Pfizer is convoluted. Not being familiar with the FDA’s parlance, it is possible I have misunderstood the letter. Attached is a PDF of the letter if you want to try your hand at deciphering the meaning.

FDAFinal_Pfizer LOA to issue with BLA approval 08.23.21_v2

Preying on Ignorance
The bottom line is this. There are so many smokescreens being thrown up regarding the “vaccines,” whether Pfizer or not, that we must be diligent in seeking the truth. Most people rightly do not trust government, mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, or their Big Pharma puppetmasters. Yet over half of America’s eligible population and the vast majority of eligible citizens in countries like Israel and the United Kingdom have taken the jabs already. Where is the disconnect between distrusting the messengers and still abiding by the message?

The reality we’re facing is one of fodder for conspiracy theorists, though not because they’re far-fetched. There’s a strong delusion afoot. The unhinged push for universal vaccinations despite data showing their risks and inefficacy should raise alarm bells in even the least conspiratorial among us. They aren’t just hiding something. They’re hiding nearly everything about these drugs and suppressing anyone who dares to ask questions.

They’re suppressing people like Alex Berenson. They’re suppressing news outlets like us, which is why we call for donations regularly to help us spread the truth.

We are reaching a tipping point at which those who are vulnerable to propaganda, pressure, and indoctrination will succumb to the vaccine-pushers out of fear, convenience, or ignorance. This is why the data about adverse reactions is violently opposed by “fact checkers” despite them presenting absolutely zero proof that any of the reports are false.

It’s certain that some of the reports are made up, but here’s the thing. With over 13,000 reported deaths following administration of the jabs and hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions, claiming some of them are false is far from “debunking” the risks associated with the drugs. In fact, estimates range between 1%-10% as to the number of reported cases versus actual cases. In other words, there have likely been between 130,000 and 1,300,000 deaths in America following injections since the vast majority are never reported to VAERS.

It is incumbent on those who are willing to fight to help spread the word. We publish articles and videos daily about the science, risks, and data surrounding Covid-19, lockdowns, face masks, and the “vaccines.” We do this because Pandemic Panic Theater is so widespread and the powers behind it have so much reach, it’s imperative that we continue to voice our concerns as loudly as possible despite the cacophony of disinformation.

The lack of FDA-approval for the current batch of Pfizer vaccines in circulation may be a technicality, but it’s telling that mandate-nannies are ignoring it. This is a geopolitical agenda we’re facing, not a healthcare solution.

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