White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki lies about Covid in the stupidest way yet

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Why? Probably because another wave is coming, and she and her bosses hope you won’t notice the vaccines have failed.



Alex Berenson
Mar 18

She said “we don’t know” if Covid was “more serious” for a 79-year-old than a 20-year-old.

Yes, the official spokesperson for the White House actually said that.

Q: — even though if the President — 79 years old — the President of the United States were to get COVID, it might be more serious than, you know, somebody in their twenties?

MS. PSAKI:  Well, we don’t know that.. I wouldn’t agree with your description there.

Then she said that “mRNA vaccines” work against Omicron.

Yes, she actually said that too.

MS. PSAKI: We do know the tools the United States has — including the mRNA vaccines, therapeutics, and tests — all are effective tools against this variant.


Here’s the thing.

The public health authorities know the truth. They aren’t as dumb or starry-eyed as they were last spring. They have learned not to believe Pfizer, as it promises a fourth shot will fix everything. (Pause for a moment to consider the fact they ever believed Pfizer. About anything.)

More importantly, they see what’s happening all over Western Europe and Asia.

Another wave is coming to the United States. Bank it. In terms of the number of infections, the United States may not hit the insane levels that some European and Asian countries are seeing. South Korea, wow.

We have more natural (real) immunity here than those countries do – and a smaller percentage of the population locked into vaccine “protection” that is not just useless against Omicron but apparently counterproductive. We already know infection rates are higher in the vaccinated. Worse, it looks increasingly like vaccinated people can get infected with Omicron or Omicron subvariants more than once in quick succession.

Come on, ask me about Ukraine instead! Please?

Still, we have a lot of mRNA jabbed people at high risk. And the United States will have relatively high Covid infection fatality rates compared to countries like South Korea because so many Americans are so fat (sorry, that’s the sad truth).

Thus we are likely to see a lot of infections and deaths for the foreseeable future. Whether this never-ending epidemic would have happened had we not decided to go the mRNA route is a very good question, one you can expect government researchers to everything possible not to answer.

In the meantime, Team Apocalypse is in a tough spot. Being hysterical comes naturally to them. But scaring people only works if you have a solution, and the failure of the mRNA shots means they don’t. Thus the increasingly open discussion of how we all have to live with Covid going forward.

Yet they can’t openly admit the shots don’t work. Which means lots of hand-waving about testing and therapeutics and how we’re all better off now than we were two years. Right. Case and death counts are at levels that the Democrats called completely unacceptable not just under Trump but for most of 2021 as well. It also means continued fibs – okay, lies – about how most people who are dying are unvaccinated.

No wonder Jen Psaki is making such obvious mistakes. The pressure must be enormous.

Shed no tears for her, though – soon enough she will be rewarded. I don’t mean metaphorically.

If I were Jen, I’d hold out for a package that includes Bitcoin.

And complete immunity.

Hey, it worked for Pfizer!

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