UK Government confirms the Triple / Quadruple Vaccinated account for 91% of all COVID Deaths since the beginning of 2022

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By The Exposé on July 22, 2022 ( 29 Comments )

The British public has been distracted for the past few weeks with non-stop news of Boris Johnson’s resignation as Prime Minister of the UK, speculation over who will replace him, and doomsday scenarios over a two-day heatwave that has now been and gone.

But while the mainstream media had the public attention focused on the above, the UK Government quietly published a report on Covid-19 deaths.

That report reveals that since the beginning of 2022, the vaccinated population have accounted for over 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths in England, and a shocking 91% of those deaths have been among the triple/quadruple vaccinated.

A UK Government agency, known as the Office for National Statistics (ONS), has just published data on deaths by vaccination status in England up to 31st May 2022.

The latest dataset from the ONS is titled ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status, England, 1 January 2021 to 31 May 2022‘, and it can be accessed on the ONS site here, and downloaded here.


Table 1 of the latest dataset contains figures on the mortality rates by vaccination status for all-cause deaths, deaths involving Covid-19, and deaths not involving Covid-19. And it is here that we are able to ascertain the vaccination status of everyone who has died of Covid-19 since the beginning of 2022.

Here’s how the ONS presents the figures for the month of January 2022 –

We’ve taken the figures provided by the ONS for each month in 2022, and produced the following chart showing Covid-19 deaths per month by vaccination status in England between 1st January and 31st May 2022 –

January saw the most deaths among both the vaccinated and unvaccinated population in England, with 3,914 deaths among the vaccinated, and 693 deaths among the unvaccinated. However, this is where the similarities end because we can see that except for the month of May, deaths rose among the vaccinated from February onward, whilst falling among the unvaccinated.

The following chart shows the percentage of Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status per month in England between 1st January and 31st May 2022, according to the latest ONS dataset –

The above chart illustrates perfectly how things have worsened for the vaccinated month on month, whilst they have improved for the unvaccinated month on month.

In January, the vaccinated accounted for 85% of Covid-19 deaths, whilst the unvaccinated accounted for 15%. By March, the vaccinated accounted for 93% of Covid-19 deaths, whilst the vaccinated accounted for just 7%. And by May, the vaccinated accounted for 94% of Covid-19 deaths, whilst the vaccinated accounted for just 6%.

Many people may believe that this is simply because, according to data published by the UK Health Security Agency, 50% of the population of England refused the third jab, and those vaccinated deaths are among the double vaccinated and partly vaccinated. But unfortunately, those people are wrong.

Source Data – Page 65

The following chart shows the overall number of deaths by vaccination status in England between 1st Jan and 31st May 2022, and it includes the number among the triple/quadruple vaccinated –

Overall, there were 15,113 Covid-19 deaths by 31st May 2022, and a shocking 13,666 of those deaths were among the vaccinated population. But what’s even more shocking than this is that 12,442 of those deaths were among the triple/quadruple vaccinated population.

This means the triple/quadruple vaccinated population have accounted for a frightening 91% of all Covid-19 deaths among the vaccinated since the beginning of 2022.

Whilst the vaccinated population as a whole has accounted for a shocking 90% of all Covid-19 deaths since the beginning of 2022.

However, as we demonstrated above, the vaccinated are accounting for a larger percentage of Covid-19 deaths as each month passes, and whilst they may have dropped all-round in May, we are now being told that they are rising significantly again with the mainstream media publicising idiotic calls for Covid-19 restrictions to return.

Source – The Guardian

Which can only mean one thing, based on the data that was quietly published by the UK Government whilst you were distracted by Boris Johnson’s resignation and doomsday sunshine, thousands and thousands of triple/quadruple vaccinated people are still dying of Covid-19.

With data showing daily deaths are now nearly matching the alleged first wave to hit the UK in March/April 2020, it certainly looks like this is the case –

Source – The Independent

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Judging by the latest calls for a 5th jab to be administered by the autumn, it looks like “experts” in the UK really have lost their marbles and we’re going to be seeing thousands of deaths among the triple/quadruple and quintuple vaccinated.

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