The Truth Behind the Insane Vaccine Push is Hidden in Pfizer’s Leaked Government Contracts

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 August 26, 2021

No matter what side of the fence you’re on as an American these days, I think we can all agree on one thing…..something isn’t right with this “vaccine” or how our government has been handling it. There seems to be 3 types of people…. a) those that took the shot rather than risk covid b) those who are waiting to see how it works on other people first and c) those that will fight with every ounce of their being before getting jabbed with whatever the hell is in that needle. Full disclosure, I was a B and then quickly became C. Why? I’m a research journalist, I take things the media and the government is saying that don’t make sense and I dig deeper to see if I can piece together the truth. I’m a constitutionalist, a fiscal conservative, and I believe in people’s personal freedom….and I don’t trust a damn thing either political party has been up to these days. I travel the country for a living and I get the same sentiment everywhere I go. People feel as if something is wrong and that things don’t make sense…but they don’t know why. Truth is, unless you’re looking for it…you won’t. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and almost all the main news channels have been on this “take the vaccine and don’t ask questions” media blitz. Why can’t we ask questions though? Don’t we have a right to be informed about everything before we agree to inject something into our bodies? Why are vaccine injury groups and posts talking about all the side effects being removed off everything? Why is every post I see on Facebook and Twitter about the vaccine is flagged with a statement that it’s “safe” …when we all know there was ZERO long term testing done.

Hell, even the short term testing doesn’t look promising, and vaccinated people are catching covid all over the place. Didn’t it come out that month’s ago that Fauci was the one that funded China to make the virus in the first place specifically to infect people? Why are we still taking this guy’s advice at all…especially about the “cure?” Shouldn’t he be in jail somewhere? What’s really going on here?

The answer I believe, is found within Big Pharma’s contracts with all the countries around the world for the vaccine. No one was supposed to see them…and you’ll quickly see why. Once you start breaking them down piece by piece, it becomes all too clear what’s really been happening behind the scenes. So let’s go through them, shall we?

You might remember back in February, that Pfizer’s contract with multitudes of countries like Argentina, Brazil, and South America was so one-sided and predatory that it made international news. In order to receive their vaccine, Pfizer wanted to be free from all liability…including rare adverse effects, their own negligence, fraud and malice. Malice….wait, why are they so worried they’ll be sued for knowingly and purposely injuring people? 😳

To “guarantee” that they won’t be sued by their citizens, Pfizer also demanded countries put up their sovereign assets as insurance, such as airports, embassy buildings and even their own military bases. Um, 1) what do you think you’re going to do with these things…sell them, run them, take over the country? and 2) what the hell are these guys so scared of that they’d bankrupt an entire country over the amount of people they might kill or injure? They clearly know something we don’t know here. Ultimately Argentina who was leading the charge, argued for months and it was finally settled that Pfizer would be free from liability EXCEPT in the case negligence or malice. Pfizer, settled for that than later tried to amend it. Who knows what happened to all the other countries in the world and if they agreed to such terrible terms. Both Argentina and another unnamed country (due to Pfizer’s contract it couldn’t even mention itself) felt like they were being “bullied” by Pfizer for using the lives of their citizens as leverage for profit.

Brazil originally backed out of the deal over this “guarantee” that Pfizer would have rights to repossess their government buildings and land if the country failed to pay out all the lawsuit costs of their vaccine injuries themselves, but eventually settled for just regular “no liability” where the government still pays for everything anyway. The contract between Pfizer and Brazil was supposed to be secret, but turned up posted on their government website instead…which you have to wonder if Brazil did it on purpose to punish Pfizer for being greedy. Nevertheless, it reveals that everything Pfizer does globally, is heavily reliant on both the FDA emergency use approval and its ultimate full approval. This guy breaks it down well “here” but let me summarize what I noticed the most:

The contract requires the country to pay Pfizer…even if they don’t deliver the product on time, even if they never deliver the product, and even if they send spoiled/bad products. The counties aren’t allowed to test the vaccines under any circumstances either, the product always belongs to Pfizer even when it’s bought and paid for. As we know they also demanded full indemnity no matter how bad they screw up…or how much they knew the product was dangerous. Despite the media constantly screaming that it’s “safe” Pfizer admits themselves within the contract that they have no idea what the long term effects are going to be…and the county must accept this.

Now here’s where it gets real interesting, the only way any of these countries can get out of this predatory contract at all….is if Pfizer fails to get full FDA approval by Sept 30, 2021.

Think about how much money is riding on Pfizer that their product get “FDA approval” when realistically….there’s no way it should. The side effects aren’t worth the risk, the vaccinated are walking around carrying loads of the virus making transmission worse, and as we know vaccinated people are catching covid all over the place anyway. The “delta variant” seems to be occurring everywhere people are vaccinated the most….and no one’s put it together that it might be caused by the vaccine? Really? Just look at Isreal, Massachusetts, and that fully vaccinated cruise ship…

If people were waiting to see if it worked, then they’re sure not taking it now

In America, the FDA and government officials rolled over immediately and gave the vaccine “emergency use status” despite no long term testing and barely any short term. Many claim that these mRNA vaccines have been studied for over 20 years, but they also forget to mention those tests failed, all the animals died, and also….how the hell did you have the vaccine ready before the virus? Turns out covid 19 is just another strain of SARS that they’ve been messing with in the lab for two decades, they were trying to patent and own their own disease they can sell the cure for. If it’s not about money then it’s about it being a bioweapon…and no sane tyrant would release a bioweapon without thinking he had the cure fir himself. Naturally human bodies get good at fighting off viruses, but don’t fret….they’ve got boosters that will keep this thing going till we die, perhaps literally. The 59 year old CEO of Pfizer doesn’t even want to take the “jab” because he doesn’t think he needs it…so why the hell should we again?

Forget about the emergency use status for a minute, as you might have seen all over the news this week, without the required public panel, long term testing, or even short term testing that looked good, the Pfizer vaccine has been granted “full FDA approval!!” Has it though? There seems to be a couple of problems with that declaration. First, to say the FDA is in bed with Big Pharma would be the understatement of the year.

It really couldn’t be clearer that the FDA is a sham agency that will sell America’s health out for a quick buck, there’s a reason there are chemicals in our food that are illegal to use in other countries.

If you wonder how the FDA does it’s testing….I’d hate to tell you but it gets even worse:

Yup, it’s Fauci’s wife. Seems like a conflict of interests but who’s counting. Anyway….

Secondly, if Pfizer gets “full FDA approval” whether it’s truly warranted or not, then all then all the other covid manufactures lose their “emergency use status.” You see, buried in these contracts (and also FDA regulations and mandates) is that these vaccines lose all their emergency use status….if another medication or cure comes along that works and is safer. So what did they do? Wrote some confusing double-talk legal jargon that’s got everyone arguing what the hell it means about its “approval” and renamed the thing “Comirnaty.”

Yea I don’t know what going on either, I just know the whole thing smells. Remember how other countries were having incredible success using Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to treat covid…but the FDA is still trying to block that use here? Why would a product that’s been tested forever, ever be “safer” than one that hasn’t?

My own Governor in Nevada went as far as to restrict it, claiming they’d “run out” if people needed it for their original uses even though it turned out we have stockpiles of the stuff in our prisons. These drugs were affordable, had been used safely for decades, and were proving to be useful against covid….so why couldn’t we even talk about them online without getting censored? Because 1) than no one would risk taking a vaccine with unknown side effects otherwise, and 2) covid vaccines would immediately lose their emergency status, and companies were making megabucks selling them before approval. What’s interesting is that while the contract doesn’t release them even if better cures come out…the loss of the FDA emergency use status would mean they couldn’t sell or use their products anyway. So bury it they did.

So let’s sum this big horror show up: 1) Big Pharma, Fauci, and China all worked together to create a virus only they had the “cure” for 2) corrupt government officials and the FDA worked together to push it through safe or not, while the media and Big Tech played defense in hiding all the side effects, deaths, and the fact it doesn’t really work 3) countries around the world are now at the mercy of covid vaccine manufacturers who are all owned by the same people who also happen to own most of the media (Black Rock/Vanguard) and 4) corrupt politicians across the globe are having a field day backdooring all the fascist policies of their dreams, and taking away people’s rights to gain more tyrannical power all under the guise of “public safety” over the “advice” of the same damn people that caused all this in the first place. Are you mad? You should be mad. Did everything I just say make more sense than any of the hot garbage being spewed out by your TV right now?

Now I’d hate to send you down more rabbit holes….but whatever is in this vaccine isn’t good. Remember how people asked to see the ingredients and were given blank booklets? Yea…trust me, with all the other research I’ve done you’re better off taking vitamins and washing your hands than injecting whatever the fuck is in these things into your body. The spike proteins themselves are toxic to the permanently ruining your immune system really worse than (maybe) catching covid? At least if you catch it and recover you’ll have natural immunity the rest of your life….something else with all these forced vaccinations and vaccine passport nazis always seem to forget about. The fervor is which they push this vaccine with no long term testing is why I didn’t take it…and I’ll never take it now that I’m learning what’s in it. The not-so-secret ingredient by the way, is apparently graphene oxide, and I don’t particularly want to know why a substance that is poisonous to the human body and known for conducting electricity and heat is even in these things. What are they planning to do? Microwave us from the inside out? But don’t take my word for it, here’s a list of doctors that have come out and know way more than me about virology and vaccines than me:

Pathologist and physician explains what he found during an autopsy of someone who was vaccinated and what these vaccines are actually doing to the human body:

Doctor and former Pfizer employee explains the dangers of mRNA vaccines and how she found what looks like graphene oxide in vaccinated blood slides:

Fred Corbin (background in nuclear biological and chemical bioweapons study) blows a town hall in Barbados to pieces by exposing proof from Pfizer and the CCP that BOTH the virus and the vaccine are bioweapons, the latter of which contains graphene oxide which is toxic to the humans and is what’s likely causing all blood clots:

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