Shameful: Hospitals Push for Public Humiliation of Medical Professionals who don’t want to be Vax Guinea Pigs

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Los Angeles, CA — Medical professionals who support medical freedom are getting the pink slip across the country for not taking the experimental COVID-19 jabs.

One of the most authoritarian hospitals appears to be the UCLA Medical Hospital in California.

As Vaccine Impact reported, a person “in a position of high authority at UCLA Medical Hospital in Los Angeles has sent a memo to supervisors instructing them to not only fire all personnel who have not taken a COVID-19 experimental shot, but to wait until they show up for work and are working with their patients, and then to physically escort them out of the hospital publicly shaming them, and treating them like criminals.”

That’s clearly being practiced as seen in a video showing several UCLA staff members being escorted out by hospital security.

AJ Hurley, a respiratory therapist, was shown be physically assaulted by security, and he said he’s given his “blood, sweat and tears” for seven years but “because I don’t have an experimental vaccine in my body. I risked my life during COVID for the last year and a half at this institution.”

“I got brought into the office while during work, taking care of patients, like I normally do (and) like I’ve done for the last year and a half,” Hurley said. “And now I am being ushered out of my own place of work like I’m an animal, like I’m a sick dog, whereas my employer Jeff Davis is hanging his head back there in shame putting me and my family on the street, unable to feed my family now because that individual right there is just following orders. This is shameful.”

In an interesting exchange between Hurley and a patron, you’ll see that the public shaming is working as a member of the public shows her desire to see government force the experiment on everyone.

“Sir, you’re a medical professional and you don’t know the science behind it,” the patron says to which Hurley responds: “There is no science. You can give COVID and get COVID with the vaccine. There’s absolutely zero reason to mandate this.”

The patron proudly proclaims: “I got vaccinated.”

“So? Good for you,” Hurley says. “I support medical freedom ma’am. Apparently, it only goes one way. My rights are violated, but since you got the jab you’re fine. I risk my life for a whole year and a half without a freaking vaccine, risked my life for this institution and for the people of this community and this is what I get.”

Hurley is eventually threatened with arrest by the security thug while his personal property was taken from him.

Another clip from the video shows Tara Vafa, a registered nurse, who says: “I’m being escorted out of UCLA for standing up for medical freedom despite coming to work, willing to work, and I just can’t believe that this is what they’re doing right now. And I’m going to fight for all of us out there, and I will continue to fight. And this is not ok.”

“I came to work, despite being unvaccinated, willing to work for patients, to help out staff and this is how we’re treated,” Vafa added.

The final clip is of Dr. Chris Rake, an anesthesiologist, who the Liberty Loft reported on earlier this month.

Outside of UCLA, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota told its employees to get the jab or lose your job which led to protesters marching to oppose the fascist hospital regime. Alpha News reported Mayo employees have not submitted to the tyrannical shot.

This comes as American hospitals are becoming prisons, not only for staff but patients as well.

“In a shocking departure from traditional hospital policies, a hospital admission has become like reporting to prison,” wrote Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. “Prisoners in America’s jails have more visitation rights than do COVID patients in America’s hospitals.”

Vliet details the abuse that is occurring in hospitals as patients are being coerced to take unsafe drugs, like Remdesivir, are forced on ventilators which amounts to a basic death sentence.

“Patients are denied adequate fluids and nutrition, as well as vitamins, inhaled and intravenous corticosteroids, antibiotics, antivirals, and adequate doses of ‘blood-thinners’ (anticoagulants),” Vliet states. “Patients suffer inhumane isolation with use of chemical and physical restraints, in violation of existing guidelines for patient protection. Hospitals are using law enforcement to deny access to hospital grounds for family and advocates. Patients and their advocates have been denied information on benefits of early treatments and denied access to such treatment. Autopsies have confirmed many patients died because of inadequate doses of standard anticoagulation, even after family members went to court to demand therapeutic doses to help save lives.”

“Welcome to the brave new world of government-directed medical care carried out by obedient, profit-focused hospital executives eager for the government handouts of incentive payments for following the ‘COVID Protocol,” Vliet concluded.

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