Medical fascists investigate Dr. Scott Jensen for the FIFTH time because he won’t follow covid script

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Friday, October 29, 2021 by: 

(Natural News) Minnesota state Sen. Scott Jensen, also a doctor, says he has now been investigated five separate times by his state’s medical board for complaints about his approach to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19plandemic.

In a video update, Jensen explained that he recently arrived home from work only to discover that he is being probed again due to a half-dozen complaints filed against him for his defiance against the Biden regime’s orders.

“I am problematic because I called for civil disobedience in regards to the press conference that President Biden issued Sept. 9 that he never followed up on,” Jensen says.

We also reported on one of Jensen’s earlier investigations from back in the summer when he was targeted for other reasons.

“So what we have is a press conference,” Jensen added. “That’s a problem for me.”

One of Jensen’s latest complaints takes issue with the fact that he has not been “vaccinated” with any of the “Operation Warp Speed” injections from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

As Jensen has repeatedly told the public, the reason he is not getting jabbed is because his body contains “a plethora of antibodies” from when he recovered after testing “positive” for the Fauci Flu.

Jensen is also accused of “inappropriately” recommending that children not muzzle their breathing holes at school like school boards all across the country are demanding.

“Last I checked, school boards are making those decisions,” Jensen says. “I have my opinion(s), and I’m entitled to those.”

For daring to recommend ivermectin as an early covid treatment, Jensen is having his medical license challenged

The Branch Covidians further allege that it is people like Jensen, rather than themselves, who have fallen for “politicizing public health.” Jensen says this is a laughable notion when so much of what surrounds Covidism is faith-based superstition and hysteria.

“Really?” Jensen asked. “What about (Biden medical advisers) Mike Osterholm and Tony Fauci, who say don’t wear masks, don’t wear masks, and then all of a sudden they get religion and wear masks?”

Jensen added in a statement that there is “19 years of data that says masks don’t do the job,” adding that “the fact of the matter is that from 2000 to 2020, we thought that masks didn’t help, and now, evidently they do.”

Jensen is also a fan of ivermectin, which is a major no-no in Western medicine. There was nothing wrong with prescribing ivermectin until the Chinese Virus came along, anyway, and now doctors are being threatened with losing their jobs for prescribing it.

Natural immunity is another sensitive subject that has gotten Jensen into a heap of trouble. For suggesting that the human immune system is equipped and fully capable of warding off disease, the Branch Covidians want to burn him at the stake because according to them, only “vaccines” provide immunity.

“What they’re doing to us is ‘in violation of the spirit of the Geneva Convention,’” wrote one commenter at Natural News.

“Organized mass torture down to the cell phone alerts and apps … All fake-stream-media needs to be publicly legally tried for participation in a planned organized torture of the American people.”

This same person went on to talk about how we need another round of Nuremburg Trials with actual consequences for those involved in committing these horrific crimes against humanity.

“All media companies involved in running the criminals’ torturous lies (which led to Jensen being treated this way) need to be indicted, as well as all of the telecommunications companies that are using technology to send fear propaganda via alert systems on people’s cell phones.”

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