‘Scandal’: Germany’s Highest Court Admits Covid Vaccines Are Harmful, Even ‘Fatal’ – Yet Upholds Mandate (Video)

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March 26, 2022
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The court ruled, If medical workers want to avoid harm from the Covid vaccines, “they are free to resign.”

Beatrix von Storch, the deputy leader of the Alternative for Germany,  slammed the Federal Constitutional Court for denying an emergency appeal to end the mandatory vaccination for Medical care workers. The Federal court “no longer protects our basic rights,” exclaimed the leader.

Despite the court admitting in their ruling that the vaccines can cause “serious side effects,” even “death,” they refused to lift the mandate for medical workers, stated Von Storch.

The court stated, If they want to avoid harm from the potentially “fatal” mRNA gene therapy injections, then the “medical workers are free to resign,” explains the AfD Deputy leader.

The Federal court’s legal ruling states explicitly:

If the temporary injunction is not granted and the constitutional complaint is later successful, the disadvantages resulting from the application of the challenged regulations are of particular importance. If those affected comply with the obligation to provide evidence imposed on them in Section 20a (2) sentence 1 IfSG and consent to vaccination, this triggers physical reactions and can at least temporarily impair their physical well-being. In individual cases, serious vaccination side effects can also occur, which in extreme exceptional cases can also be fatal (cf. Safety Report of the Paul Ehrlich Institute of February 7, 2022 – Suspected cases of side effects and vaccination complications after vaccination to protect against COVID-19 since the start of the vaccination campaign on December 27, 2020, until December 31, 2021 – pp. 5, 8 f., 28 ff.). A vaccination that has taken place is irreversible even if the constitutional complaint is successful.

However, the law does not inescapably require those affected to be vaccinated. For those who wish to avoid vaccination, it is true that this may temporarily involve a change in the activity or job previously performed or even the abandonment of the profession. However, the complainants have not shown that the professional disadvantages that may occur in the limited time until the decision in the main action are irreversible or very difficult to revise or otherwise very serious; this is also not otherwise apparent – at least for the period mentioned. In addition, economic disadvantages suffered by individuals as a result of the enforcement of a law are in principle not suitable as grounds for suspending the application of standards (see BVerfG, Order of the First Senate of January 24, 2022 – 1 BvR 2380/21 and others -, para. 39 with further references).

Germany To Vote On Mandating Covid ‘Vaccines’ For All Citizens

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, on Thursday, Match 17, 2022, the Bundestag (German Parliament) debated the various motions for and against a possible Covid “vaccination” mandate for all Germans. The decision to make the vaccination compulsory is expected to be made in three weeks, followed by a parliamentary vote..”

The vote, however, isn’t just about Covid’s “vaccines.” It’s about creating a general law that allows the government to make (any) vaccination mandatory. Then, in the future, the German government would have an easier time mandating any “cure” they see fit. Although some “vaccine” proposals appear to have a time limit, we’ve seen how long they can and do extended “temporary” Covid measures at will.

The AfD, Germany’s only conservative party, is fighting to stop the “constitutionally impermissible” law. The party submitted a motion against the introduction of compulsory vaccination and called for the current vaccine mandate for health workers to be scrapped—the AfD motion questions whether vaccines are even helpful in the fight against Covid.

Alice Weidel, the AfD co-leader, gave a hard-hitting speech in Parliament against the potential “vaccine” mandates, and left-wing leaders suggested “vaccine” register:

Unvaccinated Will Not Comply

Even if a law were to be passed in Germany mandating all citizens to be injected with the experimental mRNA gene therapies, the majority of the unvaccinated would not comply. A current survey by the German Allensbach Institute shows that nearly all unvaccinated Germans would not bow to a vaccination requirement. According to a survey by the German Allensbach Institute, the introduction of general Covid vaccination in Germany would hardly increase the vaccination rate. Only two percent of those not vaccinated said they would get vaccinated. Moreover, many vaccinated people also doubt the enforceability.

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