Police Go After Australians Protesting for Medical Freedom

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By Chris Queen Feb 05, 2022 12:04 PM ET
YouTube/Melbourne Ground

We’ve heard an awful lot about the Freedom Convoy in Canada and the burgeoning trucker movement beginning to gain momentum here in the U.S. but not as much about what’s going on in Australia’s capital of Canberra.

Australians from all walks of life have descended into Canberra to protest for medical freedom. Citizens who are appalled by the government’s tactics, which have included draconian lockdowns, quarantine camps run by the military, and other restrictions, are making their voices heard.

Don’t forget that Australia’s vaccine mandates even prevented the world’s number one men’s tennis player, Novak Djokovic, from defending his Australian Open title.

Sadly, Australia’s ostensibly conservative government is speaking out as well — with force.

#BREAKING: Federal officers have returned in large numbers, including tactical teams and the dog squad, to clear the ‘freedom campsite’ in the capital.

Protesters have already set up new sites around parliament as convoys continue to arrive for the weekend.

More to follow. https://t.co/SNoGfhVYML

— Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) February 3, 2022
They’ve sent police to dismantle tents and run people out of camps around Canberra.

As Avi Yemeni reported at Rebel News:
A large police presence has made its way to the site and is now engaged in a standoff with protesters and have begun to take down tents and other temporary structure as well as towing away cars from the site.

Yesterday police issued move-on notice to campers, advising them that they were to move their vehicles off the Patrick White Lawns.

More people are expected to arrive in Canberra throughout the weekend, and the government is preparing to keep them out of the areas that police have already cleared.

As police clear protesters away from the area they were camped on outside Parliament House in Canberra, trucks carrying temporary fencing are now being brought in to secure the area ahead of the weekend where a larger convoy is expected to arrive in the city to protest. pic.twitter.com/u8M8NMKkRS

— Daniel James Dulhunty (@dulhunty) February 3, 2022
Reportedly some police aren’t happy with the government’s actions.

Yemeni reports that the protesters aren’t backing down:
Protesters have now established a number of other camp sites in Canberra as waves of the ‘Convoy to Canberra’ continue to flood into the nation’s capital.

This morning, officers in full tactical gear and the dog squad arrived on site and are now engaged in a stand-off with the remaining campers.

Yesterday scenes turned violent when a scuffle broke out after a 65yo woman was tackled and arrested by police.

Police pepper-sprayed the crowd as the crowd sprang to her defence.

A man in his 80s identified as a war veteran was injured in the incident.

As he was carried away many from the camp embraced him for standing up to the police.

Officers even shoved one woman onto the ground in front of her horrified children as she was trying to move her car in compliance with their orders.

Thankfully these brave protesters continue to speak out against the draconian measures of the Australian government. The trouble is, based on what we’ve seen from other arrogant bureaucrats, Australia’s government won’t listen.

After all, they’re only looking out for your health.

For your health #CanberraConvoy #Canberra #ConvoyToCanberra #ConvoyForFreedom2022 pic.twitter.com/JAo6XShsjr

— PoliSam ⚖️ JusticeGuy 🚀✌🏽☮️🌸 (@PoliSamaritan) February 4, 2022

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