‘Like a War Zone’: Scenes of COMBAT in Paris as police and citizens FIGHT in cafes, streets, and sidewalks over VACCINE PASSPORTS

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Full Article:  https://therightscoop.com/like-a-war-zone-scenes-of-combat-in-paris-as-police-and-citizens-fight-in-cafes-streets-and-sidewalks-over-vaccine-passports/

The streets of Paris are unrecognizable this weekend. Or very recognizable, depending on which part of history you’re comparing them against. The World Wars? The Terror?

Once again, western civilization’s canary in the fascism coal mine is in CHAOS as citizens fight STORMTROOPERS in the form or riot police and COVID cops, as France’s pandemic regime continues to impose more and more restrictions, including vaccine passports and mandates and more.

It didn’t start with war. It started with peace.




But it got there.





I used to say “it’s only a matter of time until this happens here.”

But it’s already happening here. We just aren’t doing as much to fight it.

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