Pfizer fraud? Or just amazing execution?

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Check out this Twitter thread from Jikkyleaks. If this is fraud, Pfizer is liable for all deaths and injuries their vaccine caused. Woo hoo.



The Pfizer documents just released show evidence of clinical trial enrollment that seems to be amazingly fast.

Is it fraud or just brilliant execution? We need more information.

If it is fraud, it means Pfizer is liable for all the deaths and disabilities caused by their drug.

Site 4444

Before looking at the tweets, it’s important to note that subjects with IDs starting with 4444 were at the 1231 site. They were recruited later just in time to have safety data for FDA meeting. It is “impressive” they were able to turn on recruitment/enrollment machinery so quickly and right in the nick of time to meet the deadline.

Figure 1: Enrollment at site 1231. The blue line is the first wave. The red line is the second wave. Those patients were tagged with 4444 which effectively means “Site 1231, second enrollment wave.” If they had 26 hospitals working 7 days a week to enroll patients, it is possible to achieve these numbers if the execution is perfect.

The Twitter post

Read the thread before the account is suspended. Or you can just skip down to watching my short video where I explain just how significant this post is.

My video explaining the thread

I just did a 16-minute video on Rumble showing my initial reaction to the news.

I found out later that Site 4444 is the same site as Site 1231. It refers to the second group of patients they enrolled. I didn’t know that at the time I recorded the video.

Is this fraud? Or just brilliant execution?

Dr. Polack is the Scientific Director of the INFANT Foundation in Buenos Aires which coordinates a network of 26 hospitals in Argentina.

So if all 26 hospitals participated fully then that’s 57 patients per week per hospital which is possible if the sites have done this before and have a coordination framework for getting all 26 sites up and running at the same time. This means that everyone who was doing something else dropped what they were doing to switch over to the trial all at the same time. In theory, it’s possible. In practice, color me skeptical.

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