Pfizer Committed Scientific Trial Fraud to Obtain FDA Emergency Use Authorization for COVID Vaccines in Children

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Dr. Clare Craig
Diagnostic Pathologist
Co-Chair of HART Group

This is the evidence that Pfizer presented to FDA on 6 month to 4 yr old children.

  • Trial recruited 4526 children (6 months to 4 yrs old).
  •  3000 of those children did not make it to the end of the trial (66.2% didn’t complete the study)  — no answers given for this dropoff.
    • On this basis alone, the trial should be deemed null and void.
    • Pfizer used a very low standard definition for “severe COVID” : slightly raised heart rate, higher breaths per minute  (they needed this lower standard to prove that children could be severely impacted by COVID, which is not true)
  •  6 children (2-4 yrs old) contracted “severe” COVID in the vaccine group. Only 1 child in the placebo group contracted COVID. 
    • On this basis alone, the chance is higher that the vaccine is causing severe COVID than the likelihood that it isn’t.
    • One child was hospitalized – had fever and seizure (child was vaccinated).

They vaccinated the children then waited 3 weeks after the 1st dose before the 2nd dose. In that 3 week period,  34 of the vaccinated children got COVID and only 13 in the placebo (unvaccinated) group .  This means that  there is a 30% increased chance of catching COVID in that 3 week period if vaccinated . Pfizer ignored that data.

There was an 8 week gap between the 2nd and 3rd dose. They too had exceptionally high COVID rates, but this data was ignored by Pfizer.

Data from several weeks after the 3rd dose was also ignored.

In the end, Pfizer ignored 97% of the COVID that occurred during the trial.  They compared 3 children who were vaccinated and who had COVID, with 7 in the unvaccinated placebo group. This statistically improper number was used to demonstrate that the vaccine was “safe and effective” for children.

They measured how many children got COVID *twice* in a two month follow up period.  There were 12 children who had COVID twice. 11 were vaccinated (mostly with 3 doses), 1 were un-vaccinated. 

This scientifically fraudulent trial is being used by Pfizer to obtain an FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  EUAs are supposed to be granted only for situations where serious injury or death is possible, but in children, there was no serious injury or death. Pfizer had to redefine the criteria of “severe” to include fabricated, non-sensical criteria such as “higher breathing rate” just to make it appear that COVID could cause serious injury or death to children.

Originally COVID vaccine products were sold as also reducing transmission. Is vaccinating children an effort to use them as human shields? This would be unethical besides the fact the vaccines do not reduce transmission. Even the WHO stopped making this claim.

Lastly, Pfizer monitored unvaccinated patients for 6 weeks. Then, Pfizer “unblinded” them, which is to tell the patient they were not vaccinated. Then Pfizer vaccinated the previously unvaccinated trial control group participants (the “control group”). This is completely improper because the safety control group is now gone forever and there is no way of knowing what happens with vaccinated children in the long term.

Every aspect of this trial is fraudulent and scientifically illegitimate. No EUA should ever have been granted and the FDA should be criminally prosecuted for failing to comprehend the basics of a scientific trial that requires only a high school level of education to understand.


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