Italian Judge Reinstates Unvaxxed Psychologist: Rules ‘Experimental’ Covid Injections ‘Infiltrate and Alter DNA’

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Amy Mek

July 19, 2022

“After the experience of Nazi-Fascism,” one cannot “sacrifice the single individual for the collective interest.” – Judge Susanna Zanda

The Judge of the second section of the Civil Court of Florence, Susanna Zanda, signed an emergency decree on July 6th ordering the reinstatement of a psychologist who was suspended by the state board for not being “vaccinated.”

In her decision, Judge Zanda criticized the efficacy and safety of the “experimental” vaccine, stating that their possible harmful effects are not fully known. In addition, the Judge mentioned evidence that the injections are “so invasive that they infiltrate and change the cellular DNA of people who have been “vaccinated.” Judge Zanda cited article 32 of the Constitution that “after the experience of Nazi-Fascism,” one cannot “sacrifice a single individual for the collective interest.” Furthermore, it does it allow an individual “to be subjected to invasive medical trials without free, informed consent.”

The Judge’s emergency decree temporarily suspended the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany provision prohibiting the doctor from practicing as a psychologist. Instead, after an eight-month suspension, the psychologist can now practice “in any modality (in-person and remotely) in the same way as her vaccinated colleagues.

The lawsuit between the psychologist and Order will resume on September 15, 2022, but at least for now, Judge Zanda agreed with the psychologist. “The suspension of the exercise of the profession – the reasons state – risks compromising the primary assets of the individual such as the right to support and the right to work.”

While many are celebrating the Judge’s decision and believe it could be a precedent that eventually applies to everyone,” the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany announced it is preparing for a major legal battle. They also released a statement, reminding psychologists of their legal obligation to be “vaccinated”:

The Order is working with its lawyers to defend itself through the most appropriate forms and in the appropriate offices, in compliance with the law and to protect the health of the community. We remind everyone that health orders, which is the Order of the psychologists of Tuscany, are obliged to respect the law decree 44 of 2021 on the vaccination obligation. We will not accept this provision. Therefore we will oppose in the appropriate fora.

The Italian government reacted swiftly to the Judge’s groundbreaking ruling, which challenged their tyrannical and unconstitutional covid vaccine mandates. During a Thursday evening television interview, Italy’s left-wing Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, whose educational background is in political science rather than medicine or biology, called the ruling “absolutely inadmissible and devoid of any scientific evidence.” Moreover, the political figurehead lectured the court that they should be “ashamed.”

Watch a short clip of Speranza discussing the ruling on the Italian TV talk show In Onda, hosted by Concita De Gregorio and David Parenzo:

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