I Was Right About Luciferase

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Dr. Ralph Baric used Luciferase to track mRNA according to NIH website

On May 5th, the world-renowned COVID specialist Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko sent out the following message from his personal account on Gettr: “Dr. Baric uses luciferase enzyme, which fluoresceses under black light, as a method to confirm that mRNA is being produced. In other words, this technology can be used to ascertain if someone is vaccinated.”

In other words, Dr. Zelenko drew attention to the fact that Dr. Ralph Baric had confirmed the use of Luciferase to track and report mRNA transcription in a medical paper on the NIH website.

Dr. Zelenko linked to a medical paper available from the NIH with the title “Renilla luciferase as a reporter to assess SARS-CoV mRNA transcription regulation and efficacy of anti-SARS-CoV agents” — and all you need to know is that the abstract for that paper soon disappeared from the site a day later.

Here’s a screen shot from tonight to prove the abstract is still missing. You don’t need a medical degree to grasp the important words here: “luciferase as a reporter.”

Luciferase as a reporter.

If you’re still not familiar with the Dr. Ralph S. Baric, then you need to read through my Substack posts. Read here for more on Luciferase. And here’s even more bad news about Luciferase.

For being the first investigative reporter in the world to explain what secret ingredients were hiding in the experimental COVID vaccines (back in November, 2021) I was branded a “lunatic” full of “vax insanity” and a “conspiracy theorist” by the corporate media around the world.

You remember that smear campaign, right? Just type my name on any Internet search engine that you like if you need reminding.

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Versions of this story went around the world — it was in Hindu newspapers for goodness’ sake. But who was right — and who was wrong?

I put my career and my reputation on the line to warn my fellow Christians.

He who has hears, let him hear.

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