Dr. Li Meng Yan — Communist China tried to kill me with poisoned fried eggs…

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A CHINESE virologist living in hiding in the US has claimed Chinese agents tried poison her after she exposed the “truth” about the origins of Covid.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun Online, Dr Li-Meng Yan told how she fled to the US after she was warned about a plot to have her “disappeared” – but not before she was became very unwell after eating a pair of spiked fried eggs.

Virologist Dr Yan is hiding in an undisclosed location after defecting to the United States
Virologist Dr Yan is hiding in an undisclosed location after defecting to the United States
A lab in Wuhan has been at the centre of the storm over the origins of the Covid pandemic
A lab in Wuhan has been at the centre of the storm over the origins of the Covid pandemicCredit: Reuters

The 38-year-old, who studied at a military medical school, was working at the World Health Organisation’s lab in the city when she asked to conduct a “secret” investigation into the new “SARS-like” virus emerging in Wuhan in late 2019.

She used her extensive network across hospitals and labs to find out more from military doctors and researchers about the mysterious “Wuhan flu” ravaging China.

And she soon uncovered bombshell evidence suggesting Covid might not have natural origins – and believed the virus could have been “conveniently created” within a lab over a period of just six months.

Scientists continue to debate the origins of the virus – and many have slammed Dr Yan’s view as a conspiracy theory.

But the defector sticks by her allegations and says she has been interviewed by US intelligence.

And it is now a mainstream line of investigation as to whether Covid could have leaked from a lab in Wuhan rather than having natural origins.

Dr Yan’s findings were publicly broadcast across China in January last year – revealing to the world for the first time that Covid was a terrifying threat to the entire world.

But Beijing silenced her after she tried to raise the alarm about a potential cover up of the origins of the pandemic.

Dr Yan was called a “liar” and urged to “keep silent and be careful” – and in a chilling warning, she was told she would be “disappeared”.

On April 28 last year, Dr Yan fled to the United States to “warn the world” about China’s plans to weaponise coronaviruses.

But just two days before she left Hong Kong, Dr Yan told The Sun Online suddenly became unwell.

Dr Yan claimed the Chinese Communist Party tried to poison her to stop her exposing the government’s alleged cover up of the pandemic.

She said she became very ill after eating two fried eggs for breakfast – with her doctor telling her she had been poisoned.

“Two days before I left Hong Kong, I became very sick, so I knew something was wrong,” Dr Yan told The Sun Online.


She managed to get out to see a doctor the day after the breakfast when she started to fell unwell.

“The day after eating the egg, the doctor said my heart had a problem,” she said.

“I had a resting heart rate of 130. The doctor was shocked – my heart had been very healthy before.”

“I believe the Chinese Communist Party tried to [poison me] after finding out I would be going to the US,” Dr Yan said.

She managed to escape to the US, where she was met by multiple government agencies at the airport.

However, she fears the Chinese agents have followed her to the US and are still trying to stop her – including attempts to torpedo her first TV appearance.

Dr Yan has continued to receive threats to her life on US soil.

She said she was once told she would be “kidnapped and would wake up in Hong Kong”.

And her passport was also exposed by Communist Party agents, she claimed.

Dr Yan believes Covid could have been 'conveniently created' within a lab
Dr Yan believes Covid could have been ‘conveniently created’ within a labCredit: AFP

During her early investigations into the origins of pandemic, Dr Yan noted the stark similarities between the Chinese military’s bioweapons programme and the events surrounding the Covid outbreak.

She said the People’s Liberation Army’s official bioweapons textbook from 2015, which is in the public domain, is the lens through which the pandemic should be investigated.

Dr Yan said a database of complex viruses was being formed by the military, with the end goal of creating a variety of pathogens which could be unleashed on the world as “unrestricted” bioweapons.

According to the document, Dr Yan says, the tweaks to the viruses would be specially designed to appear as if they had emerged from nature, rather than a lab.

Another military textbook, published in 2014, outlined the Chinese military’s plans to use aerosols and insects to spread viruses, and to attack livestock and agriculture in order to wipe out food supplies, Dr Yan said.

She claimed the Covid pandemic is an attack by the Chinese Communist Party on the world as part of its plan to achieve global dominance by 2035.

“China is a terrorist. It will never admit the origins of Covid, but we should not wait,” she said.

“Leaving more time will allow China to develop more bioweapons. We need to realise the nature of the Chinese government now.”


Despite repeated threats, Dr Yan has vowed to continue her fight to tell the world about China’s bioweapons programme – and she warned the Covid outbreak is “just the beginning”.

“Covid was almost successful but I revealed their strategies, so people are now gathering evidence,” she said.

“The Chinese government has enjoyed the Covid pandemic and it’s now working on its next five-year plan.”

Although Dr Yan has been criticised by some, she said she has spoken to the FBI “many times” and claimed the intelligence officials believe she is “very credible”.

And Dr Yan insisted she didn’t receive any “special help” from US lawmakers upon her arrival in the country – but some states do offer her a police escort when she visits.

Despite repeated threats, Dr Yan said she will continue her fight to tell the world about China’s bioweapons programme – and the origins of the pandemic.

The brave virologist has vowed to “keep fighting until the last minute” of her life to uncover the truth.

“If I don’t do this, I would be regretful. I’m lucky and I’m still alive. I’m cautious and I get help from good people,” she said.

“If it happened, it happens. If it doesn’t, I’ll keep fighting. I will fight until the last minute of my life. Even if I died, my evidence is still there.”

China has furiously denied any allegations, but top former intelligence bosses said the evidence of a lab “accident” is clear to see – and there has been a calculated cover up “from day one”.

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