Australia Sees 963% Increase In Respiratory Virus Among ‘Pandemic Babies’ Who Have ‘No Immunity’

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by Kelen McBreen June 29th 2022, 6:01 pm

Doctors in Australia are concerned about a shocking increase in babies being diagnosed with common viruses in the past three weeks.

Aus 🇦🇺 Now we have Pandemic Babies ? 5% of babies born with co infection are ending up in ICU with Respiratory Illness, inflammation of Lungs, Heart and Brain….Ask yourself, how can they sit there with a straight face and pretend they don’t know why…🧐🧐🧐🧐💣🔥👊

— 𝙍𝙄𝙎𝙀𝙈𝙀𝙇𝘽𝙊𝙐𝙍𝙉𝙀 (@risemelbourne) June 28, 2022

Health workers say infants born during the Covid pandemic are being put in the ICU with severe cases of influenza, RSV and Covid.

The flu is specifically wreaking havoc, counting for many more hospital admissions in children than Covid.

An infectious diseases pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead named Dr. Philip Britton told The Daily Telegraph, “Over the last month or so, we have seen four times the admissions to hospital for flu in children as for Covid.”

New South Wales doctors were worried three weeks ago when there were 355 RSV cases in one week.

Now, the number is up to an alarming 3,775 in a week.

Some doctors are theorizing that young children are becoming more ill due to their lack of exposure to viruses during pandemic lockdowns.

This is likely not helping the situation, but another possible link to the children’s lack of immunity could have been passed down from their parents.

Since the experimental Covid-19 mRNA jabs were not tested as thoroughly as they should have been, the people of the world are still just guinea pigs in the world’s largest science experiment.

The UK government in October 2021 revealed Covid-19 vaccines appear to inhibit the body’s natural ability to produce antibodies, which leaves vaccinated people vulnerable to infection.

Also in 2021, an Illinois physician demonstrated how the Covid vaccine suppresses the body’s adaptive immune system, leaving vaccinated individuals more susceptible to illness and possibly explaining the phenomenon of “breakthrough infections.”

European Union regulators warned in January that repeated Covid-19 boosters would eventually destroy the immune response of those being injected.

Alex Jones exposed the immune system-destroying Covid jabs during a July 2021 transmission.

Jones played a video clip of top Covid vaccine developer Dr. David LV Bauer admitting the shots destroy the body’s immune response and lower crucial antibodies necessary to fight off disease.

“Here’s David LV Bauer, who heads up the program at the main bioweapons lab in London, England that started the first shots, that’s going after the kids, that’s doing the trials on children,” Jones said. “He studies their blood to see what happens, and he heads the project up. Here he is telling you that it reduces your immune system massively when you take it so gotta have more shots in the future. Talk about capturing humanity!”

Former British MEP James Freeman asked on Twitter why his government told pregnant women the experimental shots were safe “when Pfizer trial data shows otherwise,” citing Australia’s “pandemic babies” as a possible result of inoculating pregnant women.

Why did GOV advise pregnant women the jabs are safe when Pfizer trial data shows otherwise?

Did GOV know about Pfizer trial data @sajidjavid?

‘Pandemic babies’ with no immunity ending up in intensive care across Australia with respiratory illnesses

— James Freeman (@JamesfWells) June 28, 2022

Sadly, this is only the beginning of this tragic trend.

Look for the weakened immune systems of children across the globe to be a major worldwide story within weeks to months.

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